I&D for Social Media

Ensuring Inclusion & Diversity on Bayer Social Channels 

In line with our mission to engage for trust, Bayer must lead the way in inclusion and diversity across our digital landscape. In addition to guiding what we say and how we visually represent our messages, we will also work to offer accessible and inclusive experiences on all our social channels.


  • Be direct and use an active voice; avoid jargon and abstract concepts 

  • Use alt-text describing the posted images

  • Ensure video content has open or closed captioning

  • Write hashtags in camel case and place them either within the sentence or at the end of the post. For example: #WriteHashtagsLikeThis instead of #WRITINGHASHTAGSLIKETHIS

  • Include your #hashtags within the sentence, as appropriate. You can also include the rest at the end. #JustLikeThis #NowYouKnow

  • Use emojis and symbol fonts sparingly

  • Provide trigger warnings to avoid exposing people to potentially emotionally harmful content

  • Avoid fast-flashing content and GIFs

Bayer's Approach to Inclusion & Diversity by Channel