LinkedIn FAQs

For Bayer-owned think tanks and innovation incubators who want to raise awareness with career professionals, recruit participants, and/or share updates about these Bayer programs — how should we approach a LinkedIn strategy to accomplish our goals, aligned to our Bayer framework?

  • Since these groups share target audiences with either the overarching or existing Showcase pages, innovation group messages will be distributed through one of those existing pages. Content can be distributed organically (targeted by geo if needed) or through targeted sponsored content.


The business unit Ophthalmology has their own Showcase page in our integrated structure. Why? Should other divisional business units have their own Showcase pages?

  • Because Ophthalmology has a specialized audience, a long-term use strategy and resources to maintain a presence, they qualify for a Showcase page. If other business units meet these qualifications, they could also qualify for Showcase pages. However, if a business unit can fit into an existing page, it is always preferred to keep our presence consolidated for a unified and efficient user experience.


Can users follow a specific Showcase page, or only the Bayer company page?

  • Yes! Users can choose to follow individual Showcase pages aligned to their interests. Showcase page followers will receive alerts, feed content and notifications just as they would a Company page.


Will Showcase pages capture analytics, host LinkedIn lives, post LinkedIn Stories, and appear in search? 

  • Yes! All of these features are available for Showcase pages and can be aligned with the best practices in this strategy


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