LinkedIn Channel Features

The world of social media is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date on all of the features available on the platform. The following provides an in-depth overview of the features currently available. 


Social platforms continuously add new features and functions. When new features are added, Bayer reviews external usage trends, along with how best they can serve our audiences with engaging thought-leadership and storytelling. When trying out a new feature, we should plan, test and optimize our approach with shared learnings across content creators. 



The feed is the general feed where users are served content of users they are friends with or of pages they follow and/or like. 


The feed posts can be photos, videos, polls, shares or text posts to share business updates or web content with your community.


Pinned Posts

Pinned posts are selected posts that stay at the top of your page and are typically those that highlight important and timely content for your community. 


Bayer Usage Recommendation
Pin posts around topics consistent with Bayer business goals and developments or trending global new topics. Review your pinned posts monthly to ensure that the content is still relevant. 


LinkedIn Articles

A LinkedIn article is a piece of long-form content, similar to a blog post, that you can create through LinkedIn's integrated publishing platform. As such, it’s a meaningful opportunity to share and demonstrate thought leadership. 


Bayer Usage Recommendation
LinkedIn Articles are best used to share individual leadership and employee perspectives on the Platform. The recommendation is for the group channels to share leadership posts from the leader's channel. It’s generally best if group channels only share leadership posts that discuss global key reputational topics that ladder up to the editorial snapshot. 


LinkedIn Events

The events section of your page is a place to gather any sponsored events to share information with the invited community. Users who accept an event will get notifications about event details (event information, content, contacts, etc.).  


Bayer Usage Recommendation
If your event is open to the public—in-person or virtually—you can use this tactic to drive registrations and conversation on the event page. Use LinkedIn events to promote Live events to your online community to include all event information in one place so all registered attendees can be notified of changes. 

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