YouTube Channel Features

The world of social media is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date on all of the features available on the platform. The following provides an in-depth overview of the features currently available through YouTube. 


Social platforms continuously add new features and functions. When new features are added, Bayer reviews external usage trends, along with how best they can serve our audiences with engaging thought-leadership and storytelling. When trying out a new feature, we should plan, test and optimize our approach with shared learnings across content creators. 


Home Tab

The YouTube home tab is the first section of your profile to appear when users click into your profile. Here, they will find a list of your curated playlists of videos currently published on your channel. This is also where you can include a channel trailer for new followers to watch to get a better idea of what to expect on your channel. ​


Bayer Usage Recommendation​
Curate the featured sections on the home tab to give background information on who Bayer is via video playlists of values, leadership, company culture. Ensure the information is current and relevant by reviewing every 6 months.  


Configuring the Home Tab
Set up the home tab configurations to ensure users can easily identify who we are and get a taste at the content we will share. ​​Select a welcome video that encompasses all of our divisions and values as the page trailer, which will auto-play when users visit the page. ​​Limit editable playlists on channels to:​

  • one playlist about company values​

  • one playlist per each division, selected by division leads


These playlists should be updated every 6 months to ensure content remains relevant.


Video Tab

The Video tab of the YouTube back is a library of every video that is published on your channel. Users can sort by popularity or date of publication. 


Bayer Usage Recommendation
It is important to select cover photos and titles that clearly communicate the main message and takeaway users will get when they click on the video. This helps the user experience and to create a more visually cohesive channel. Review your videos every 6 months to ensure your content is relevant and up to date. Videos that have outdated branding or information should be hidden but left on channel in hidden playlists for archival purposes. 


About Tab

The About tab gives users information about who your business is and what they can expect from your content. This is also the place to place relevant links for users to learn more.


Bayer Usage Recommendation
Keeping this section up to date helps to reinforce brand awareness and build trust by establishing consistency across web and social channels.


Channels Tab

The Channels tab of your profile allows you to add channels to feature on your page for your followers to easily find channels you recommend they watch or subscribe to. 


Bayer Usage Recommendation
Add Bayer main division channels and the top 5 priority countries (as recommended by the Channels & Amplification team) to this section so that global users can find channels related to their interests or location. 


Embedding and Sharing Videos

The events section of your page is a place to gather any sponsored events to share information with the invited community. Users who accept an event will get notifications about event details (event information, content, contacts, etc.).  


Sharing Videos
By clicking the “share” button under your videos, you can amplify your video to various social channels, emails and web properties to boost engagement and awareness. ​


Video Amplification Recommendation ​
When amplifying a video(s) made for YouTube (e.g., a science at home series of longer science experiments) on the other social channels, share the YouTube video link in the social post copy. ​


​When amplifying videos created specifically for the other social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), share the video mp4 file directly on the channel instead of linking to the video on YouTube. Videos made for these social channels are typically shorter with specific CTAs.

​Embedding Videos​
Embed YouTube videos into your website by clicking the “share” button > Embed. Copy the snippet of code and put it on the corresponding spot on your website. It will then display as a video. This allows for faster load times and keeps your user on the website instead of jumping back and forth between platforms. Contact


Playlist Tab

The Playlist tab within YouTube is a powerful organization and engagement tool. By organizing your content in playlists based on topic or theme, you make it more intuitive for viewers to find your videos. For added flexibility, you can sort or reorder videos within each playlist. You are also able to add playlist descriptions. Before publishing, you have the option to decide if your playlist will be:​

  • Public: Anyone can search for and view your playlist​

  • Unlisted: Anyone with the link can view your playlist​

  • Private: Only you can view the playlist​

Unlisted Playlists can act as hidden playlists for videos that are not part of a similar topic that can still live in an internal business division playlist for organizational purposes. When videos of a related topics have out of date branding or content, add them to an unlisted playlist instead of deleting.​

Series + Regular Playlists: Series playlists play a more significant role in increasing views. The series playlist option allows you to mark a playlist as a set of videos that need to be watched sequentially. In this format, viewers tend to binge-watch, increasing the number of views your videos get. However, channels need to be verified (over 100,000 subscribers) in order to use this feature. Regular playlists are videos gathered in one playlist without a specific order. ​

Bayer Usage Recommendation ​
Create playlists whenever there are 5 or more videos in a series or relating to a similar topic. ​

  • Each playlist should have a concise title that is all-encompassing of the video themes/topics within the playlist​

  • Each playlist should have a description so users know what to expect​

  • All internal videos in a playlist should be “unlisted”​

  • All external videos in a playlist should be “public”



Whether hosting a live event, a town hall or a press conference about breaking business news, YouTube Live and Premieres allow you to bring viewers together in real-time to learn, discuss and to form new social communities.​


For a step-by-step guide on how to setup live streams, download the YouTube Digital Events Playbook.​


​Bayer Usage Recommendation ​
Each Livestream should follow the content approval process before it is scheduled. This ensures all business topics are represented adequately and in line with the editorial snapshot. It also helps to keep a consistent cadence so as to not overwhelm the community.


When considering livestreams, consider the following best practices:​

  • Each livestream should have a detailed description of livestream details (topics to be discussed, speaker and monitor backgrounds, scheduling details, etc.)

  • Livestream titles should be clear and concise​

  • Livestreams should be set to “Public”

  • Consider teasing your livestream via social media a week ahead of the live


Stories are short, mobile-only videos that allow you to casually connect with your audience on-the-go. Stories will expire after 7 days.​


​You are able to record live videos and add text, filters, stickers, location tags and mention other users. You are also able to share your YouTube video directly within your story for users to easily ​click and watch. ​


​Once published, all subscribers will be able to view your story on their mobile device at the top of their homepage. ​


​Bayer Usage Recommendation ​
Use YouTube stories to tease a livestream or big video series release. However, this is not a requirement since the feature is only available on mobile and you may not have immediate access to the additional resources required for every stream. 


​Use resources to focus support efforts on other social media platforms.

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