Facebook Channel Features

Social platforms continuously add new features and functions. When new features are added, Bayer reviews external usage trends, along with how best they can serve our audiences with engaging thought-leadership and storytelling. When trying out a new feature, we should plan, test, and optimize our approach with shared learnings across content creators. 


News Feed

The news feed is the general feed where users are served content of users they are friends with or of pages they follow/like. 


The feed posts can be photos, videos, polls, shares, or text posts to share business updates or web content with your community. 


Facebook Stories

Stories are quick photo or video assets that disappear after 24 hours. 


Bayer Usage Recommendation
Limit the use of stories to content celebrating notable calendar days or company events. Any content needing a link for more context or information should live on the feed. 


Facebook Story Effects

Similar to Instagram Filters, Facebook story effects are masks, frames and interactive filters that you can apply to your photos and videos. Reactive effects let you interact with objects or create quiz games for your community to use and upload to their stories. 


Bayer Usage Recommendation
Use custom effects as a feature to engage your audience. Developing interactive quiz effects or creating filters themed with Bayer owned events branding could be a fun and effective way to add buzz or engagement around your event or a trending topic. Ensure your team is following Bayer branding guidelines developing Facebook Effects.


Pinned Posts

Pinned posts are selected posts that stay at the top of your page and are typically posts highlighting important and timely content for your community. 


Bayer Usage Recommendation
Pin posts around topics consistent with Bayer business goals and developments or trending global new topics. Review your pinned posts monthly to ensure content is still relevant. 


Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows users to broadcast real-time videos directly to their community. The community can comment and chat while the live video is being broadcasted.  


Bayer Usage Recommendation
The recommendation for using Facebook Live is dependent on the type of content you will be discussing. For more business-related topics, the recommendation is to use LinkedIn Live instead for this format as the experience and audience is more curated. For personal content like Science at Home or Ask an Expert series, Facebook Live could be a feature to use to promote transparency and the further education of online communities about Bayer-related topics. 


Ensure all divisional content is adequately represented so that there is not an oversaturation of specific topics. 


With going live on all platforms, there is always a risk of negative language and engagement in the comment streaming section. Ensure the talent, moderators and virtual team are prepared for this before going live. 


Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is built into the platform and can be found on its own tab. This tab contains all video content on the platform, organized by type of video content (shows, live, music). The Watch feed will populate videos for you based on those you engage with. 


Bayer Usage Recommendation
Facebook will automatically put videos you publish on the company page within the Watch platform. When users watch channel videos, they will be served a continual loop of video content you have previously published


About/Bio Section

The about section of Facebook gives users information about who your business is and what they can expect from your content. This is also the place to place relevant links for users to learn more. 


Keeping this section up to date helps to reinforce brand awareness and build trust by establishing consistency across web and channels through coordinated and cohesive messaging.


Facebook Events

The events section of your page is a place to gather any sponsored events to share information with the invited community. Users who accept an event will get notifications about event details (ticket information, content, contacts, etc). 


Bayer Usage Recommendations:
If your event is open to the public, you can use this tactic to drive registrations and conversation on the event page. If it's a private event (i.e. FoFD) then avoid using this tactic. 


Facebook Groups

Groups are pages on Facebook where users can communicate and share content around shared interests. 


Users can search a keyword of interest and join public or private groups to interact with other members by sharing content and asking questions. 


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