Bayer brand value stays resilient

For the third consecutive year, the Brand Financial Value of Bayer continues to be evaluated at 5.5 billion US Dollars by Brand Finance. According to “Global 500 Most Valuable and Strongest Brands 2024”, Bayer takes seventh place in terms of brand value in the pharmaceutical sector worldwide and continues to remain the world’s most valuable agricultural brand.


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Despite the many ongoing challenges, the Bayer brand continues to demonstrate resilience and remains a great asset that should be leveraged across businesses. When compared with a set of key competitors across the Pharmaceuticals and AgriScience industries, Bayer was ranked as the world’s 7th most valuable brand. These insights from the latest “Global 500 Most Valuable and Strongest Brands 2024” by Brand Finance, the world’s leading independent brand valuation consultancy, validate the resilience of our corporate brand.

What does brand value mean? 

“The financial brand value is the hypothetical license fee we save because we own our brand,” explains Sven Theobald, Head of Corporate Brand Management. Brand Finance uses the “Royalty Relief Approach”, which values the company brand based on the hypothetical cash flows that are saved because the respective business owns the brand, and therefore does not need to license it. Click here to read more about the methodology used by Brand Finance.


Brand Value 2024

Most valuable AgriScience brand

Bayer’s brand performance in the AgriScience sector has been remarkable, continuing to lead as the most valuable agricultural company for the 3rd year in a row


Apart from Bayer, the study covers brands like BASF, Corteva, Syngenta and Adama as among the top 5 from the agricultural industry. Except for Corteva and Adama, all brands experienced an increase in brand value this year. 


Rebounding Pharma industry

Bayer is the world’s 7th most valuable Pharma brand. It is down one place from previous year’s rank, with a growth of 0.25% in brand value. 


The other brands that feature in the top 10 list from the Pharma industry include Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Pfizer, Lilly, Merck, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, and Bristol Myers Squibb. Overall, the pharmaceutical industry is rebounding from a COVID-related setback. Lilly and Novo Nordisk brands rose in rankings due to successful market exploitation and the launch of a weight loss drug.


An evolving Consumer Health industry

This year, Brand Finance extracted an analysis to embody the dynamic Consumer Health industry, which is currently driven by diverse players including Bayer, Haleon and Kenvue. Bayer's brand value was evaluated marginally less as compared to Haleon (spun off from GSK and Pfizer) but stayed ahead of Kenvue (spun off from Johnson & Johnson). 


A very strong brand

As a basis for calculating brand value, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics evaluating marketing investment, stakeholder equity, and business performance. Overall, Bayer continues to be rated as a “very strong brand” and a “leader within category” with a Brand Strength Index of AA+. Additionally, Bayer retains its position as the 2nd strongest brand in both – the Pharmaceuticals and AgriScience industries respectively


What next?

Bayer is redesigning itself around the mission “Health for all, Hunger for none”. With the introduction of Dynamic Shared Ownership, we’re aiming for a more productive and fulfilled workforce; world-leading, faster-to-market innovations; and superior financial performance. “These changes, in tandem with continuous, bold and innovative brand visibility, are key success factors to unleash the full value potential of the Bayer brand,” adds Sven.  


(Note: The competitive set for Bayer varies across product brands, divisions and regions. The external consultancy Brand Finance places global companies into specific industries for uniform research across 25 markets.)


Our product brands are perceived 74% more positively among customers who know that the product is from Bayer. 

(According to Brand Uplift Study 2022)





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