LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy

Our Approach to Hashtags on LinkedIn   

Channel Overview 


Ideal number of hashtags per post: 1–2 (3 max)  Source
Because LinkedIn is primarily for business-minded users, it’s best to keep hashtags straightforward and professional.

Placing Hashtags 


Within Post Copy

Hashtags should be included within post copy if they are relevant within the post and commonly used within broad conversations (e.g., #sustainability #innovation).


End of Post Copy

If the hashtags are not a natural fit within the post copy, we recommend including them at the end of the post after any URL.






Key Things to Remember


Format Hashtags
LinkedIn defaults to lowercase when it displays hashtags (e.g., #socialmediamarketing), but it’s considered a good practice to use camel case—or capital letters to signify the beginning of each word. This is because it’s generally easier for people to decipher the content (e.g., #SocialMediaMarketing). It also improves readability and helps smart screen readers interpret hashtags for those with visual impairments, making content more accessible.


Abbreviated acronym hashtags are not standard on LinkedIn. For example, on Twitter, the common acronym for #SocialMediaMarketing is #SMM, but LinkedIn prioritizes the full version.


Combine Hashtags with the Message
It’s always best to have at least one sentence within the post rather than exclusively or over-using hashtags. Even when you post an image or video, adding a short sentence along with hashtags helps to give context.


Test Hashtags
Record what hashtags were used on each post and see which ones bring the most engagement. Hashtags aren't the only thing that drive engagement, but they certainly play a part.


Use Topical Hashtags
On LinkedIn, people often search for hashtags around broader conversations and topics. That means your hashtags don’t need to be as micro-focused or time sensitive as they could/should be on other channels such as Twitter.


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