Signage Elements

The following signage elements express the corporate philosophy in a focused and balanced interactive way, as well as revealing the corporate DNA. These core elements are also used in the branding of buildings.


The Bayer Cross



Printing file for backlit standalone and wall-mounted Bayer Cross signs

This printing file has been created especially and exclusively for the construction of free-standing and wall-mounted Bayer Cross signs.
It contains special features that must be strictly considered when constructing backlit free-standing or wall-mounted Bayer Cross signs.


Printing files for all other sorts of Bayer Cross signage

The printing file offered here for download can be used for all other Bayer Cross signs including backlit pylons.
Please note: This file is not suitable for backlit free-standing and wall-mounted Bayer crosses. These require a different modified printing file.


The Neue Helvetica typeface


Neue Helvetica


The correct use of typeface sizes as well as the right positioning and arrangement of the signage elements are prerequisites for a uniform Bayer image and appearance.


Since Neue Helvetica is not one of the fonts supplied with MS Windows/Office, it must be purchased separately from a font provider. Typefaces must be purchased and not transferred from one computer to another.

Please make sure you always purchase and use the Neue Helvetica LT W1G from the typeface manufacturer Linotype. For further information on our typeface and where to purchase the font please see our typography section.

In countries where Neue Helvetica is not available, a similar typeface such as Arial must be used. This also applies to non-Latin characters.

Printing files for backlit standalone and wall-mounted Bayer Cross signs
Printing files for all other sorts
of Bayer Cross signage

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Pictograms are used for fast orientation and clarity in labeling. Only the pictograms defined in this section are available.






Background color

  • Bayer Dark Blue

Direction arrows

Only the arrows defined in this section are available for use in direction information and are to be solely positioned to the right of the typography or a pictogram.







Background color

  • Bayer Dark Blue


Signage colors

Pantone colors are used as printing ink. RAL colors are used as paints or lacquers for painting the surfaces of structural components.

Only the colors described in this section, which are derived from the permissible palette of Bayer colors, may be used for signage. These colors ensure the best possible legibility of any sign information and maximize their visibility.

Exceptions to these color rules are only permissible if they are agreed on in advance with Corporate Branding.


Standard colors for signage



CMYK  80/33/0/80

Pantone 2380C 

RAL 5011


CMYK 71/0/0/0

Pantone 298 C


CMYK 40/0/100/0

Pantone 2299 C


CMYK 0/100/5/0

Pantone 1925 C

Avery 5528 QM Sharp

Film  Red Perm (Code: CC4840002)


CMYK 0/0/0/0


RAL 9003

More colors from the Bayer color palette



Direction arrows