Roadshows provide our customers with a sensory live brand experience and communicate a holistic understanding of the benefits Bayer brings. This category also includes touring shows that deliver a crisp overview of the most important topics Bayer is focussing on.

The combination of gamification and information makes roadshows highly attractive to various age groups, while at the same time passing on knowledge. As roadshow elements are constructed in a modular way, you can easily adapt them to a local space. Details and requirements can be found in a fact sheet you can download at the end of each section.


Advancing the Future of Health and Nutrition

With five representative topics we provide a crisp and entertaining overview of the most important fields Bayer focusses on to advance the future and support people in their daily lives. The exhibits can be integrated into simple walls in showrooms, foyers and museums, or used as stand-alone exhibits at trade fairs and events. Check out the detailed content here and download concrete information that will help you with planning your event and get to know the easy set-up of these appealing exhibition modules.


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Advancing the future