Facebook FAQs


If a Bayer business partner or enabling function wants to use Facebook to reach a specific audience group, how can they do this in the new landscape? 

  • BPs and enabling functions can create paid dark ads through the group Facebook page. These ads can be targeted to specific audience groups within the larger page audience target.


Why doesn't Bayer have a geographic market structure on Facebook?

  • The focus on one global presence is counterintuitive to the geographic structure. We want anyone in the world to be able to access the global page as well as their own country page. To do this, we need to create both pages separately to ensure they are distinct.


Can users still find the Bayer Country page most applicable for them?

  • Yes! Users will be able to search for a country-specific page. Logo and name conventions are established to help quickly distinguish country pages from the global page.


If I own and operate a Facebook channel, should I always plan to have budget for paid media? 

  • Yes. Because of the way Facebook functions it is imperative to have a budget to support content to be seen by the desired audience.


If our team leads a Bayer region, how do I decide when to open separate Facebook channels per country? Can I use one page to reach the entire region?

  • The best practice is for a Facebook page to mimic the website structure. If the website serves multiple countries in a region, then the FB page should as well.


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