LinkedIn Structure and Governance

Channel Structure


LinkedIn allows brands to demonstrate connections between business partners through page structuring. Bayer will be using this structure as an embodiment of our global leadership in health and nutrition as one Bayer. Structure does not impact how users experience the page content.


The overall global page for Bayer is a company page. This is the main hub for all unified brand communications. All company job postings will go through this page.


Showcase pages must be connected to a company page and offer an opportunity to push a deeper engagement with a specific audience. All business partner pages (Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science) are categorized as a showcase page. Sub-business pages or entities (such as Bayer Ophthalmology and Bayer Fund) can also qualify for showcase pages if they meet the following criteria:

  • Business Partner resources to fund and effectively operate content creation and participate in community management via the Virtual Team, according to platform best practices.

  • A specialized audience and messaging which cannot be targeted through an existing page, like the Bayer company page or a business partner showcase

  • Long-term strategy for page (must include plans to keep running 2+ years)


LinkedIn Structure Content Strategy Differentiation
Company and showcase pages should be used to create, share and engage with content pertaining to the overall LinkedIn Platform Strategy. The only differentiator is the audience. While the company page is for all audiences and should share content applicable to two or more business partner audiences, the showcase pages should only share content applicable to their specific audiences. See example differentiation below.

Company Page

  • Company culture or workplace content

  • Internal Bayer teams and organizations posting content on the company can target their content based on location and user parameters

Showcase Pages

  • Thought leadership content pertaining to specific showcase page audience and messaging

  • Career development content that is specific to showcase page audience and messaging

  • Content specifically about existing employees in showcase page workforce


To ensure that a given community is not overwhelmed with content, the recommendation is to maintain the following posting cadence: 


LinkedIn Cadence Recommendation
3–4x posts per week, per company and per showcase pages to the global audience. Targeted content should be shared 2–4x per month per company and per showcase page to maintain an active presence. LinkedIn Stories should be used when appropriate for the topic, but are not mandatory to maintain proper page health at this time.


Structure Overview


The following is a preview of the future state of existing LinkedIn pages based on the criteria set for LinkedIn page existence. 


Entities that do not qualify for a LinkedIn page will merge into the appropriate parent page. 

LinkedIn structure



Meeting Audience Intents Across Bayer LinkedIn Pages



Investors and Media

"I'm looking for news and information to help me do my job."​


"I use social to stay connected with people and brands that interest me."​


"I want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and thought-leadership related to
my industry ​and work community."​

Pharma Showcase Pharma Content

Prospective Pharma Employees

Science and 
Consumer Health Showcase Consumer Health

Prospective Consumer Health Employees

Crop Science
Crop Science

Prospective Crop
Science Employees


Bayer Company Page

2 or More Industry 
Content Groups

2 or More Prospective Employee Groups

2 or more Industry Professional Groups



Use Case Examples by Intent

Aligning with our target audiences’ intents while using LinkedIn, this chart provides a governance guide to help determine which Bayer page should first post global Bayer news for the community, and which page(s) should cross-promote the post. Examples are included to illustrate content scenarios relevant for each audience group.


Scroll left to right to find out more about each audience and their respective channel.

Audience​ Society, 
Investors & Media​
Ag Industry Stakeholders Only​ Health Industry Stakeholder Only​ Consumer Health Stakeholder Only
Example​ Bayer purchased an ag tech company for €1B​ Bayer received an industry award for advancements in crop protection technology Bayer is partnering with a small bio-tech company to trial a novel approach to gene therapy administration​ The Creative Council, sponsored by Bayer, is sharing an important update on the program
Bayer​ Breaking (If applicable) CP +/or​
Company Impact Perspective​
(If applicable) CP +/or Company Impact Perspective (If applicable) CP +/or Company Impact Perspective 

Bayer Pharma​

(If applicable) CP +/or Industry Perspective​   Breaking  
Bayer Crop Science (If applicable) CP +/or Industry Perspective​ Breaking     
Bayer Consumer Health (If applicable) CP +/or Industry Perspective      Breaking
Bayer Leader Account​ (If applicable) CP +/or Personal Perspective​ (If applicable) CP +/or Personal Perspective  (If applicable) CP +/or Personal Perspective (If applicable) CP +/or Personal Perspective 
Bayer Country​ (If applicable) CP +/or ​Local Impact​ (If applicable) CP +/or​ Local Impact (If applicable) CP +/or ​Local Impact  (If applicable) CP +/or Personal Perspective

“CP” refers to cross-post or to post to more than one account.


LinkedIn Structure for a Country-Specific Approach

As part of the one Bayer approach, countries and regions will not open their own pages or showcase pages. The overall Bayer company page will reach these audiences specifically represent by utilizing three LinkedIn capabilities:

  1. Using Global Language Functionality: The Bayer global page utilizes LinkedIn’s Language Manager to automatically translate the global Bayer page for up to 20 languages, based on user settings. 
  2. Maintaining Country “Life” Sections: The Life feature of LinkedIn allows Bayer to create geographically targeted landing pages in the company profile, where targeted audience profiles will see the most relevant accomplishments, employees and company culture based on their profile settings. 
  3. Geotargeting Post Content: Through organic and paid targeting, country teams can reach geographically-relevant audiences with local content in local languages, making our shared Bayer LinkedIn channel a truly global community. It is important to consider the type of engagement you want from your followers for each targeted post, such as engaging with post on-channel, tapping through to access more information on the Bayer country website or pointing them to the Life page to see more.

Countries/regions can target posts organically or through paid efforts from the main Bayer company page or business partner channels, ensuring their content aligns to the global strategy to reach the same target audience on a local level. Countries/regions can also update the Life page/tab on the Bayer company page with content as needed. 

  • Draft your update on the Page tab of your Admin View

  • Click the Public option from the dropdown at the top of the update box. Selected the Targeted Audience from the dropdown. 

  • On the Target Audience Settings page, define the attributes for the audience you want to target: Language, Job Function, University Seniority, Region, Location, Company Size, and/or Industry. 

  • Click Apply at the bottom of the page. If not other updates, click Post.


Country Life Sections

These pages give our online community the opportunity to explore specific regions of our business they are located in to search relevant hashtags, employee testimonials, and articles from employees of that business area.



The Bayer LinkedIn landscape is jointly operated and managed by our global Human Resources and Channels & Amplifications teams.


Questions related to the opening or closing of LinkedIn pages, content creation, content targeting, or any information outlined in this document should be sent to


For questions and information on using LinkedIn for talent acquisition purpose or process, contact

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