I&D for LinkedIn

Ensuring Inclusion & Diversity on LinkedIn  

In addition to the content and images featured on LinkedIn, it’s also important to consider the roster of leaders and employees we choose to highlight on the channel.


There should be a wide and diverse representation of leaders that we spotlight on a regular basis, including those of various ethnicities, genders, ages, and levels of leadership.

Image Descriptions (Via Native LinkedIn Upload) 

  1. LinkedIn makes adding alt text to images very simple and intuitive. When you add a photo, the Add Alt Text link appears. There is no need to change any settings. 
  2. Once you select Add Alt Text, you see a box where you can add your Alternative Text.





Image Descriptions (Via Sprinklr Upload)

  1. Create your LinkedIn post in Sprinklr.
  2. Select and upload the post's photo.
  3. Type the image’s corresponding Alt-Text in the box to the right. 
  4. Finish filling out the remaining post fields and click schedule or post. 




Adding or editing alt-text isn’t available on mobile devices.

LinkedIn may automatically add alt-text to images that don’t have it. When uploading an image from a desktop computer, you’ll be alerted if alt-text is automatically assigned. 

Uploading Captions (Via Native LinkedIn Channel)

You can add captions to videos you upload to LinkedIn by uploading a caption file (.srt file) that you create outside of LinkedIn.

  1. From the share box at the top of your LinkedIn homepage (desktop experience), click the Video icon.
  2. In the pop-up that appears, click Select video to share.
  3. Select the video you’d like to share from your desktop.
  4. From the video preview that appears, click Edit in the top right corner to view your video’s settings.
  5. Click Select Caption to attach a SRT file and confirm your selection.
  6. Add any additional text or hashtags and click Post. Once the video is uploaded, processed and ready to view, you will receive a notification. The closed captioning will be viewable at that time.



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