Bayer LinkedIn Strategy


LinkedIn is a social channel for business professionals who are typically networking and seeking out professional and informative content. The ideal LinkedIn posting cadence is 3–4 times per week (fewer posts per week than Twitter).

  • 57% male, 43% female
  • 45% upper management
  • 49% earn >$75K
  • Most popular age range: 25–34
  • Users only spend 17 minutes on LinkedIn per month, but 156 million use it daily

Algorithm /Paid/Approach Set Up


Bayer Usage: Demonstrate thought leadership, provide a window into Bayer’s culture and people, and humanize the company.


User Intent: Professional lifestyle, news and thought-leadership


LinkedIn, like other platforms, is prioritizing personal connections that are based on the individual user’s unique interests. LinkedIn accomplishes this through an algorithm that controls how users are delivered content in the newsfeed. Also, like other platforms, most users interact with content in the newsfeed, rather than by visiting business profiles.


While our platform strategy is tailored to accommodate the algorithm, most of our organic content will not be prioritized to our desired audiences automatically. A paid strategy is necessary to ensure our content is seen by the right audience and their networks. See the paid strategy section to read more. 


This algorithm works by prioritizing relevant and engaging content, based on connections to people you are connected to.


One Bayer Approach to LinkedIn


Bayer uses LinkedIn to demonstrate thought-leadership in the industry, demonstrate our commitment to transparency and highlight company culture to humanize our organization.


This is done by sharing educational, thought-provoking content that spotlights company leadership and helps the social community learn about our industries and innovations within it to engage in professional dialogue.


Target Platform Audiences


All LinkedIn page content (Company and Showcase) should target one or more of these audiences. While the main company page takes an overarching approach, showcase pages should apply their specific industry filter. 



Investors and Media

These are institutional investors and media interested in Bayer corporate as well as division.

Takeaway: Bayer is a global leader in health and nutrition, setting the example for other entities and partnering with other leaders to see our vision of “Health for All, Hunger for None.”


Potential Talent

Includes talent for Bayer corporate as well as divisions in all areas.

Takeaway: Bayer is a growing and thriving workplace that supports innovation and personal growth. It is a place where employees can thrive and grow.



Industry Professionals

Includes current employees, healthcare professionals, health retailers, farmers and researchers, scientists and academics. 

Takeaway: Bayer’s commitment to corporate values and “Health for All, Hunger for None” aligns with my values.




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