Live Communication and Experience Branding

Live Communication and Experience Branding is one of the major drivers of Bayer’s brand and communications strategy. It boosts Bayer’s value by bringing the corporate and brand strategy to life and making it tangible for every stakeholder by connecting them with our brand and products.

To ensure that strategically relevant brand experiences meet the requirements and ambitions of our master brand, the Corporate Live Communication & Experience Branding Team takes the lead in planning, creation and realization. For more details please contact us.

Given the evolving wants and needs of our internal and external audiences, we need to fully exploit our master brand and product brands as sources of sensory, affective, and cognitive associations in order to deliver memorable and rewarding brand experiences. We will gain a significant competitive advantage if our audiences can connect with and are stimulated by our brands.




Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bayer mainly focused on live experience formats to deliver the best possible brand communication. Now, we need to think carefully about which formats are appropriate and/or feasible, and which ones best fit our target audience to achieve our desired goals and best communicate our content
LiveOnline Live or Hybrid

All the tools are based on our Corporate Design Guidelines, aim to create added value in the different countries, and should be seen as a framework for establishing a common understanding and consistent appearance for Bayer, both internally and externally.

Additionally, we would also like to encourage you to share your materials, templates and tools with other countries and colleagues. If you would like to do this, please contact us so we can discuss the details.

Roadshows & Exhibitions and Events   

With roadshows and exhibitions and events we can provide a sensual live brand experience to our customers. In the following section we would like to offer you materials to make Bayer tangible to different stakeholder groups and highlight the contribution Bayer makes to a better life.

We differentiate between roadshows that are constructed in a modular way for easy installation at your site and exhibitions that can be either used temporarily or permanently at specific sites and mostly need adapting to suit a specific site.


Events are staged with the aim of creating attendee and brand experiences that meet Bayer’s requirements and ambitions. This section will give you some guidance on the different event formats and equip you with concrete branding templates, approved content, and inspiration for your local activities.

Digital Applications   

Digital applications are designed to leverage a live communication experience with the Bayer brand. These digital tools allow personalized interactions with the target group and individually engage consumers to convert them from passive audiences to active participants.

Get inspired by our digital applications and see how you can adopt and adapt them for your local use.

Live Communication Index   

The Live Comunication Index (LCI) is a tool used to analyze and compare Bayer events. The events are analyzed by three performance indicators: live impact, media impact, and investment. To ensure a holistic analysis, the live & media impacts are both evaluated in terms of quantitative and qualitative indicators. Relating the live and media impacts to the investment allows a comparison of an event’s efficiency. By using charts, an instant overview of an event’s performance is possible. Additional insights about Bayer events can be gained by applying the Live Communication Index.

If you have any questions, please contact your Bayer Identity Net expert.
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