Our Persona Toolkit

Segmented communication

At Bayer we are constantly looking for top talents. As the labor market is changing into a candidate market, we need to understand the candidates we want to attract and know what they are looking for. Only through a profound knowledge of the individual target groups we will succeed in attracting and retaining the right talents for Bayer in the long run. 


That’s why we developed the Persona toolkit. It should help us to 

  • understand our target groups by translating our new Employment Value Proposition into targeted Individual Value Propositions

  • develop authentic, differentiated messages and tailored selling arguments that meet the individual preferences of our candidates

  • approach our candidates in more targeted and convincing ways


Want to know how? Find the guided Bayer Candidate Persona Toolkit in your language in the download section in the margin.


With adapting and segmenting our messaging we reach a much wider diversity of talents and with that drive our business growth.

What is a Persona?

  • A so-called “Persona” is a typical representative for a target group

  • The instrument is derived from a marketing context – the approach focusses on needs, preferences and motivation of a target group

  • There is not “the one” employee – but commonalities of target groups can be identified and are described based on an inclusive approach 


  • What kind of educational background, experiences and skills are needed

  • What are the tasks? How does a typical day look like?

  • What is the Personality of people usually like that work in this area? 


  • What are highlights and lowlights for the target group?


  • Where do we find the talents? What online platforms do they use? Which events do they visit?

  • Which other companies do talents want to work for? 

Talent Attraction:

  • Key Employer Branding messages are tailored to what is relevant to the specific talent

  • Know exactly which online and offline channels the talents use and approach them there


  • Talents are effectively approached by understanding what is important to them when receiving a job offer

  • Relevant points are highlighted that make us an attractive employer to the talents throughout the recruiting process

Talent Retention: 

  • Effective and tailored investments are made into relevant career development to ensure retention

Please note: It is crucial to update Personae on a regular basis to adapt to environmental and situational changes.


Goals of Persona development

We have created a clear picture of the employment proposition at Bayer in order to achieve a in-depth understanding of the target groups.






The Bayer Persona Toolkit
This toolkit can help to choose the EVP elements that are most appropriate in your market