One Bayer Communication Assets

Examples "Science for Better"

Here you can find the information you need to localize our videos and key visuals to feature themost prominent One Bayer stories: some instructions, useful tips and the existing assets for download. Join us in globally articulating and elevating our unique brand across our target audiences.


Science for Better


Tone of Voice 

We want to help create a more human, compassionate Bayer, therefore our tone of voice should always be warm and personal but still informative and confident. Depending on the subject matter our tone should be able to range in empathy, especially if we are talking about harder hitting matters such as cancer or heart conditions. 


The language we use when describing our processes or products should more colloquial and less scientific, however, we shouldn’t treat our customers/viewers as uneducated. We still need to be informative, but we should do it in a warm and human language manner. 



The Circle should always focus on a person (or group of people), this helps the viewer focus on the subject and allows us to create more of a connection to whatever we are talking about. Whatever image we select, the person/s should always be in the center, allowing for the Circle to be placed around them.


This graphic is usually cropped either left and right or top to bottom depending on the format. It is always placed at 100% opacity. 


Below you can see some examples of how to use the graphic. 


As part of our goal to create a more empathetic, likeable Bayer, our images should reflect society and be emotionally warm in color and subject matter. We want to show a positive but realistic reflection of life. We should avoid stock photography that is overly exposed or staged. We should see people interacting with the world around them.


Lighting should be warm and real; we should be capturing people in the moment. They shouldn’t pose or be looking directly into camera.


Key Visuals

Our first set of key visuals can serve you as a guide of what to capture.

Better is being ahead of the storm, Farmer is smiling in the rain in the corn field
Our farmer is captured in the rain, he looks like he has spent all day working hard in the field. There is a sense of joy on his face, a positive emotion. He is interacting with the rain falling onto him.
Better is being there, Dancing wedding couple
Our bride and father are dancing; the warm glow of the lights feels real and helps give a sense of motion and emotion. They are interacting with each other.
Better is giving it a go, Woman on a skateboard
Our skater is enjoying her moment of freedom, the wheels in motion, the background blurred, this isn’t just a still image. We see joy on her face as she braves her first skate in a while. The audience can feel what she feels.

If you are to pick new versions of the images above or aim to produce new ones, they should be warm in tone and reflect real life. The images should feel authentic. Lighting should feel like it has been captured in the moment and not staged.




The B determines the space between the small and large headline copy. The bigger headline is 180% bigger than the smaller copy.



Body Text

When body copy is to be placed the distance above the claim is the height of the claim lock-up.


Body Text

Bayer Cross


Bayer Cross

The Bayer Cross should remain in the bottom right of the asset when possible. The position from right and bottom is 1/4 of the size of the placed logo. This spacing should be matched for the ‘Science for Better’ inset position from the right of any asset creation.


Spacing between the two lines are determined by the lowercase ‘e” in ‘Science for Better’.




Lock up


The fonts used are:

Slogan - Helvetica Neue LT W1G - 75 Bold
URL - Helvetica Neue LT W1G - 55 Roman