Favorite & Webclip Icons

Favorites Icon

The favorites icon adds an individual symbol for "favorite" or "bookmark" sites. The symbol is displayed both in the list of bookmarks or the address bar of the browser. Favorites can also be dragged onto the desktop.


favicon landing

We have two favicons that are used for Bayer corporate websites — one for when browsers are in light mode and one for when browsers are in dark mode. The browser should dynamically display the correct icon depending on the selected color mode of the browser.


Bayer favicon black


Download Bayer favicons (5 KB zip file)

It is possible to use a favorites icon derived from a product brand. We recommend that you include images of up to at least 48 x 48 px in the icon file. For all images larger than 16 x 16 px the Bayer Cross must be part of the image!







Photoshop templates for product favorites icon. (25 KB zip file)


Further information about favorite icons can be found on the W3C website.

Webclip Icons

Webclip icons are special favorites icons that can be used to bookmark websites on some mobile devices.



The color of the bar can be chosen freely from the Bayer color palette.

Example with highlighted title bar


Example with integrated title bar 


A line-art Bayer Cross must be part of the icon but can be freely placed as long as the minimum distance from the edges is respected. If the product logo already contains the Bayer Cross, an additional one should not be added.


The coloring of the title bar can be freely adjusted to suit the product logo. 


The combined image can then be saved in the relevant sizes (76 x 76, 120 x 120, 152 x 152, and 180 x 180 pixels).