Content Considerations for I&D

Weaving I&D Within All Content 

In every piece of content, we should be as inclusive as possible and feature as much diversity as we can. This includes featuring diverse voices from various genders, geographies, ethnicities, ages and other perspectives. 


There are also many country-specific and international observances or occasions that Bayer might recognize and/or engage in on social media. However, there is no expectation that we must participate in all themed days or holidays. We should be inclusive and diverse while aligning it to our overall communication and business goals, content framework and channel strategies. As such, we should not engage or participate in one of these holidays without a strong storytelling angle. 



If participating in a themed day, it’s best to do research close to time of content posting to see which hashtags are being used in the broader conversation. That way, our content can participate in the dialogue and be found by others using those relevant hashtags.


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Community Engagement


Inclusive community engagement recognizes that everyone has a role to play. It provides people with opportunities to participate by reducing barriers, creating connections and engaging in meaningful and supportive ways.


Always maintain your awareness of specific terminology (e.g. using correct pronouns within LGBTQIA+ communities) and means of expression to ensure that your communications are appropriate for who you’re interacting with and in-line with Bayer’s overarching core values. 


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