What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of aligning content with the needs of people who are using search engines — Google, Bing, and others — to have their questions answered.

People who are using search engines inherently have a transactional mindset: They have a knowledge gap and are turning to search engines to fill it. Every single keyword query, then, is a question regardless of how it is phrased.


These users are actively searching for content rather than passively seeing it in a feed or an ad. As such, organic search traffic is typically one of the most engaged segments onsite, making it a crucial channel for content distribution. 


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The Long-Term Benefits of Search-Optimized Content

Creating strong content that performs well in organic search engines can pay dividends down the line. 


With other channels, you turn visibility on and off. Paid channels depend on budget. Social channels depend on posting updates to a feed. 


Conversely, content is always available via organic search. When content matches search intent, people are able to find it, engage with it, and have a positive experience with the brand by extension. 

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