Reporting for Community Engagement

A best-in-class social media strategy must adapt to suit our audiences’ interests, needs and behaviors. Staying nimble and attentive by engaging our community on social media drives transparency and engagement.


It’s worth noting that how we engage audiences is different than creating engaging content. Community engagement has its own distinct objectives, tactics and KPIs to consider for measuring and reporting. 


Read Bayer’s full approach to Community Engagement. 

Objective Tactics KPIs
Answer questions in a timely and informative manner 

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  • Level Breakdown – avg. time to answer (office hours)
  • Percent of actionable messages taking > four hours
  • Percent of actionable messages answered (>90%)
  • Percent of answers covered in playbook 
Understand case volume and type to identify engagement drivers and gaps 

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  • Number of PV cases reported
  • Total engagements, by type Engagements by level (L1/L2/L3)
  • Sentiment over time


  • Percent of engaged users (topic/sentiment)
  • Top case labels
  • Qualitative – memorable/high profile engagements 


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