More than a logo: Our holistic Bayer brand, and how we can all support it

Two smiling women in front of the Bayer Cross and the words: Our holistic – Bayer Brand

Did you know: Customers are 74%[1] more likely to think positively about a product if they are aware that it is from Bayer? Or that a consistently applied brand expression can add a remarkable amount of value to our company? Learn more about how each of us can be part of the Bayer brand journey. 


Think about how many times you experience the Bayer brand. Firstly, you will see the Bayer Cross almost daily – at offices, on physical and digital stationery, or when you open the BayerNet portal to receive the latest news from the Bayer universe. But our brand doesn’t end there: across various media (from website articles, social media posts, advertisements to photos and videos), you will recognize certain elements (visual, verbal, sonic, spatial) and an overall feel, which instantly says ‘Bayer’ to you. 


This is what we mean when we talk about a ‘holistic brand expression’. In recent years, our company brand has evolved beyond simply being a name or a logo. Now, it’s represented in many multimedia forms: verbal and written language, photography, design, typography, spaces, events, audio and more.


As a result, the Bayer brand feels more tangible and alive as a full persona. It is something that all of us can see, hear, feel, and experience. And we can also contribute to and strengthen our brand, through our voice, communication, and everyday actions.

The elements of a holistic brand

Bayer Brand model


Because our brand is so rich and multifaceted, we break it down into a four-part brand model, covering the principles and approaches behind it – so every Bayer colleague can gain a deeper understanding of who we are and where we are headed:

  • Purpose ‘Science for a better life’ – explains why we do what we do. This is at the center of our model, surrounded by three other elements.
  • Vision ‘Health for all, Hunger for none’ – our moonshot goal, spotlighting where we are headed in the long run
  • Promise ‘Helping people and planet thrive’ – outlines what we do daily, expressing our commitment to making lives better and to foster sustainability for generations to come
  • Personality ‘Visionary, optimistic and passionate’ – describes how we want to be perceived in the market. These are the attributes we aim to live and want to express in our attitude and actions. They help us bring to life our brand strategy of becoming a more dynamic, outward-oriented and human brand, driving brand likeability as our brand’s key growth area.


Our Global Brand Tracking proves that the market is responding to this strategy. In almost all countries, Bayer’s likeability is the most impactful driver to enhance desired stakeholder behaviors (willingness to engage, invest, purchase and recommend). Furthermore, respondents positively react to Bayer’s attractive brand appearance. A full summary of the data from our Global Brand Tracking studies 2022 is available here in the Identity Net.

What does this mean for you?

Bringing a holistic brand persona to life is a major step forward because it means we all own a piece of it. No longer is it pre-set and unchanging; instead, it is living and constantly evolving. The Bayer brand is on a continuous journey to adapt, transform, and get better – like we all are. Just as the Bayer Cross has come to stand for our values, everything you write, say, depict and do is a given opportunity to foster and grow our Bayer brand equity and value, ultimately unleashing its full potential.


Our brand experience


That’s why you, as a member of #TeamBayer, are the most important part of our brand – because your actions turn it from a concept into a reality. Every time you create a new piece of content, devise a campaign, or even just start a conversation, you have a chance to represent ONE Bayer, and strengthen its positive associations in the minds of our stakeholders. 


And these associations have positive outcomes for us: The latest Bayer Brand Uplift Study demonstrates that customers are on average 74% more likely to buy or recommend a product if they associate it with Bayer. Because of this, the rating agency Brand Finance just valued our brand at $5.45bn which represents a contribution of roughly 10% to our market capitalization, making us the world’s 5th most valuable Pharma brand and most valuable AgriScience brand. And that’s just the beginning: with the right treatment and consistent implementation, peer comparison and external data shows that the Bayer brand value has the potential to double and rise to $10bn over the coming years. 

Let’s get started

Want to learn more about the brand and how to embody it? An array of resources is available on-demand on the Identity Net, the global branding hub for Bayer employees. Here you can check out the new Brand Academy for practical advice and learning sessions.


The Corporate Brand Management team is also available to answer your queries: Feel free to get in touch with them directly.






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