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e-learning Toolbox

e-learning Toolbox

Starting with the launch of the Skillsoft e-learning library on “My Learning”, employees are able to select from a wide range of free-of-charge courses in several languages in line with their individual goals and needs. They can determine their own pace and progress in learning – without the approval of their supervisors. The launch is supported by ongoing integrated communication, aiming to encourage colleagues to make use of these courses and to arouse interest in ongoing professional development.

This toolbox intends to facilitate and support the local launch in countries, as it contains all global material as templates which can be adapted easily, hereby ensuring consistent messaging. It will be continuously filled with new material. We therefore recommend local TM/CPA colleagues to visit the page regularly to find the latest uploads.

How to use this toolbox

TM/CPA colleagues are requested to proactively use the materials to introduce and promote the new courses and the benefits of e-learning. In this section you find materials such as posters or a roll-up to prepare employee events or accompany information sessions in canteens, conference rooms or coffee areas. A presentation deck will support your face-to-face meetings while articles and key visuals will provide content for your local internal publications, for example.

Countries are asked to produce local language versions where necessary. In order to ensure consistent messaging, no other slides, Q&As, posters etc. may be used.


Please find here all articles published. We will be adding more articles in the course of the year.
Templates for print ads (1/2 page A4 landscape format) are available in English and German for local language adaptation. Please don’t go below 8 pt for the typeface to ensure good legibility.
The three new key visuals in the poster formats A3 and A1 (landscape format, InDesign CS6) are available in English and German for local language adaptation. Translations have also been produced for the headlines in the ten main Bayer languages. The body copy still has to be translated into your local language(s). Please note that no significant content changes to the copy or the pictures are permitted.
This template is suitable for a roll-up – for example to decorate employee events, conference rooms or canteen areas.
As part of the global launch communication, please find here emails sent out globally to relevant target groups
This overview slide deck about the e-learning library introduces the topic and helps you explain it to others, e.g. at meetings with your co-workers.
For on-site promotions of the e-learning library please find below some ideas that can be easily combined with posters and roll-ups.
The videos below show for different areas of e-learning content. They can be used on screens, presentations, articles and more.
This Q&A is intended to support you in internal discussions around e-learning and provide answers to a wide range of frequently asked questions. It will be regularly updated.