Employee Publications & Customer Magazines

Our specific Bayer brand character, corporate style and quality standards must be clearly evident in employee publications and customer magazines. To ensure consistency, the key components of Bayer’s corporate brand must be included in these publications.

Ground rules

The front cover rules detailed below apply to all Bayer Group publications and magazines. Exceptions are permitted only in justifiable special cases and must be approved by Corporate Communications.

Magazines differ from corporate brochures through factors such as their regular publication and similar structure.


Designing the title area with the Bayer Cross

  • The Bayer Cross diameter is B = 1:8 of the shorter side of the page format. 

  • You can place the Bayer Cross on the left or right-hand side, depending on what best suits your composition. Always avoid placing it in the middle. 

  • We recommend using a consistent position for communications belonging to the same family e.g. a range of brochures. 

  • If the item you’re designing has a convention for where logos are placed, we recommend following it.

  • The title and design areas may be individually designed.  

The interior pages of the publications are the responsibility of the publication’s editor, who should ensure use of the Bayer font group (Neue Helvetica) and a uniform image and type area. The design is subject to the usual journalistic quality standards.

Compliance with corporate literature rules e.g. regarding the use of headlines etc. is strongly advised for the design and layout of the inside pages of employee and customer publications. However, in the interests of editorial freedom such compliance is not fully mandatory.





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