Behavioral Safety Campaign

Behavioral Safety Campaign

Unsafe behavior is the cause of most accidents at Bayer. That is why we have launched the “Behavioral Safety” initiative to further raise awareness of our responsibility for safety.




The people in our “It’s You Who Matters” campaign show us how to integrate safety into our everyday work. We have profiled employees and their colleagues, friends and family who care about them. The people in our campaign are paying attention to safety not only for their own protection, but for the sake of others as well. 


Please help us to ensure that the “It’s You Who Matters” campaign achieves a high-vis profile throughout Bayer.


To assist you in your work we have included a communications package to support the individual production of communication media. On this page you will find print data (PDF files) and open data of all available materials.


Important: Updated materials have been added in June 2016.



If you have any questions, please contact:



Dr. Beatrix Kuhlen
BAG Corporate Sustainability & Business Stewardship

Leverkusen, Germany

Tel.: 49 214 30-62974


Download the key visual and the claim of the campaign in your language (Chines, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese)
Our leaflet (4-pager) on Behavioral Safety shows you how to consciously assess your own behavior so as to adopt safe habits and thus act even more safely. With our checklist, you can track and improve behaviors.
Bayer has developed five priniciples to provide guidance on safe behavior. They summarize the key issues when it comes to safety.
Download the pictures for your publication or internal media channels (e.g. to accompany an article).