Step 2:

Craft your unique message

Once you’ve identified the ideal candidate, put yourself in their shoes.

Ask yourself:


a) Where does my candidate live? 

What cultural references can I use to make this person feel identified and understood?

  • Message prioritization (see also D)
  • Formality/style of message
  • Image


b) What skills am I recruiting for? 

How do I talk about these in a ‘give’ and a ‘get’ way? And what does that mean for the way I present information?

  • Visual vs. text
  • Bullet points vs ‘story’
  • Style of image


c) Where does my ideal candidate work now? 

What does Bayer offer that their current employer doesn’t do well? 

  • Messaging and priority
  • Emphasis of EVP (eg. career advancement vs flexibility)


d) What is the career/life stage of the person am I talking to?

  • Type of image
  • Messaging
  • Emphasis of EVP (career advancement vs flexibility, for example)


e) What is happening in my candidate’s world?

What are they thinking about, mitigating, occupied with? How can I incorporate their frame of mind into the proposition, to make it compelling? 

  • Climate change
  • Healthcare prioritization
  • Equality and diversity

Example message




How this translates

Personalizing messages to individuals





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