Our Strategy

The need for change

Multiple forces are reshaping how organizations function, including new technologies, changing business needs, an evolving talent market, and greater employee expectations, among others. The talent market is constantly changing. In recent years, it has shifted to become increasingly diverse. We need to keep up with the constant changes and focus on what we do best.


Here are three reasons why we believe it is time for an evolution of Bayer’s Employer Branding approach:

1. A compelling purpose

At Bayer, our visionary work is shaping our world. We tackle the toughest challenges to drive positive, sustainable change to millions of lives around the globe. Our commitment to this purpose fuels our passion and energy to deliver our mission ‘Science For A Better Life’ and contribute to a world with ‘Health For All…Hunger For None’. 
We know that the best talent gravitate to organizations with a purpose and a strong vision – and we believe ours is compelling and inspiring. So the key, for prospective and existing talent, is to forge a deep emotional connection with the work we do. 


1. A compelling purpose

2. A more personal connection

For generations, our brand has stood for competence, quality and trust. Now, we are on a journey to more emotively express our curiosity, ingenuity and the powerful impact of the work we do. We’re fascinated by looking ahead and aren’t afraid to redefine the impossible. 


2. A more personal connection

3. An attractive proposition for all talent

As we deliver our purpose, we want to ensure our employer brand resonates with all talent across everything we do. For some of our critical talent segments, such as digital, we need to strengthen our employer brand to attract the talent we need. 
Our employer brand should reflect the work we do, and give us the flexibility to describe what it is to Be Bayer in every corner of our business, all the while connecting it to our mission and LIFE 2.0. values. 


An attractive proposition for all talent

Our new employer brand strives to achieve all these things. It’s authentic, emotive, and reflective of our business. It enables us to adapt and segment our messaging to forge real and meaningful connections with the talent we need to drive our business forward.

Our Playbook - your guide to the EVP
Our Playbook
In our Playbook you find explanations, examples and guidelines to our employer branding.