Our Purpose

Group of people sprinkled with colored powder, Science for a better life

Our purpose Science for a better life expresses why we exist as an organization. Our business activities, and those of our teams across the world, are based on the principle of Science for a better life – translating science, knowhow, and our resources to make people’s lives better and bring about positive change. It is our DNA that is core to who we are as an organization.


Our purpose Science for a better life is aligned with the Bayer brand expression and delivers on our brand strategy. In the core of our brand model, our purpose is also at the center of our brand messaging. It is relevant to everyone, no matter who they are, what Bayer products they use, or how we want to interact with them.


The purpose’s visual expression  should be used in our communications activities if appropriate:


Brand Purpose Content bild 1


 In short, our purpose is a simple way to tell the world what Bayer is all-about.

  • Our purpose describes why we exist,

  • points to the innovative strength and spirit of our employees and reveals their motivation and why they work for the company,

  • reflects the “company’s soul” and forms the foundation of our business activities,

  • expresses the Bayer brand look & feel.


Using our purpose in communications

  • It is a good introduction to who we are, and why we are here.

  • Can be used for both external and internal communications.

  • Can be used across all product areas, divisions and regions.

  • Delivers flexible relationship with the Bayer logo but should not be locked up.

  • Examples for verbal expression:
    - We strive to deliver on our purpose Science for a better life.
    - We strive to live our purpose Science for a better life.

You can write the purpose in body copy or any other kind of running text in one of two ways: either as Science for a better life, i.e. without the graphic device, in italics and with better life bold, or simply as Science for a better life. Whether or not quotation marks are used in an English text will depend on the context. It is important to remember that in English texts quotation marks should only be used for quotations, nicknames and the titles of books, movies, etc.


The purpose treatment allows great flexibility as it can be used in white on colored backgrounds or in dark blue on light backgrounds. Legibility should always be ensured.


Science for a better life




On dark background written in white



Light background written in dark blue

Placement options for different applications

You can place the Bayer Cross on the left or right-hand side, depending on what best suits your composition (see diagram below). The purpose should always sit in an opposite corner of the document.


The dynamic texture can be any brand color, as long as there is enough contrast to ensure legibility. As a multicolored brand, the color of the dynamic texture should be selected to contrast the other colors used on the application.

How it looks in practice

The visual expression of the purpose should be used in corporate communications because it is beneficial when communicating our brand strategy. Here are a few examples of how to use it in different contexts.

The use of the purpose in online media is optional and should be easily readable. If this is not the case because Science for a better life is too small, it should not be used. Some examples showing the design of the online banners can be found here. On this page in the Identity Net you will find examples and design templates of event materials like e.g. backdrops, roll-ups, and backgrounds for virtual meetings.


What to avoid

The following examples show treatments that should be avoided.



Don’t use less than 6 lines on the graphic device.
Don’t use the purpose in any colour that is not dark blue or white.



Don’t lock up the Bayer Cross and the purpose in any way


If you have any further questions about this or any other section of Bayer Identity Net, please contact:

Download "Our Purpose"

Data packages include:

  • "Our Purpose" with graphic element in Bayer Bright Blue, Bayer Bright Green and Bayer Fuchsia
  • "Our Purpose" template for adaption of graphic device to desired color and number of lines

Data packages include:

  • "Our Purpose" with graphic element in Bayer Bright Blue, Bayer Bright Green and Bayer Fuchsia
  • "Our Purpose" template for adaption of graphic device to desired color and number of lines

Our purpose: stories

Since ‘Science for a better life’ underpins everything we do, there are countless examples of how Bayer colleagues embody our purpose through business activities and everyday efforts. Read a range of stories here, covering different divisions and parts of the world.