Our approach

Based on three pillars

As we expand and continue to change and reshape our business for sustained, profitable growth, we are recruiting a wider and growing diversity of talent, with different employee types, needs and desires. 


As a result, we believe a one-size-fits-all approach to Talent Acquisition no longer fits the needs of our business. 


Purposeful challenge



Build your career



Be You @ Bayer



Bayer’s new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) will help us attract and retain the talent we need. It is based on extensive research, listening and analysis. It reflects the reality of today, and our aspirations for the future; helping us prioritize and shape our HR activities to bring this proposition to life. The way our people will experience our proposition is through our employer branding  “Be You. Be Bayer.”


“Be You. Be Bayer.” provides a flexible framework to express the EVP in different parts of the business, focussing on what we have to offer and what we expect in return.


A build on the new EVP

We’ll build simple, clear and emotive messaging using the following as a guide:


1. The 3 EVP pillars or themes

2. Evidence from around Bayer of what we offer employees (the get):

  • the many parts of our business, and the different opportunities within
  • HR activities and initiatives that shape the experience for employees 
  • the Bayer culture

3. Life values that articulate which behaviours we expect from employees in return (the give).


We’ve linked the ‘give’ and the ‘get’ with some example headlines to show how we might describe the experience for employees. These are global examples. We encourage you to update with local examples/evidence. The more tangible the better. 


The 3 EVP pillars or themes

Work at speed. Work with passion. Work at the time and place when you are at your best. Work with the best minds to innovate and solve the most challenging and interesting problems. Collaborate on projects that matter. Know that your work contributes to our vision “Health for all, Hunger for none”.


Purposeful challenge


Example Message

Do something that moves you. Unlock your potential; challenge other’s perceptions; redefine ‘impossible’. Do this at Bayer. 


Be visionary. Be Bayer.


Because when it comes to tackling the world’s toughest challenges – maintaining our health, feeding growing populations and slowing the rate of climate change – we are the only Life Science company to rise to the occasion. 


We’re pioneering with technology and digitalisation, paving the way for us to achieve the unimaginable, like grow more crops with less land, sustainably, or deliver the right treatment to the right patient at exactly the right time. 


So do something meaningful. Join us, and play a vital role in improving our world for generations to come. 


The career that works for you, not just the career that works for us. Grow as a person and you’ll grow at Bayer. We provide you with the tools and opportunities to develop your skills and move you into roles that are meaningful to you. Develop at your pace and be recognized for doing so. 


Build your career


Example Message

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? How do you want to make a difference? The choice is yours, and we’ll help you get there.


Be realised. Be Bayer.


Your thirst for growth will be quenched with peer learning, mentoring and learning initiatives. When you show proactivity and ambition, we’ll harness it through a variety of opportunities and challenges in the diverse areas of our business – all with a strong and meaningful purpose. We’ll also offer you flexibility over how you are rewarded for your progress.


And if you have the energy, curiosity and dedication, but need some help setting your direction, we’ll use Artificial Intelligence to open up new avenues in your career that you may not have even considered.


It’s yours for the taking when you join Bayer. 


Express yourself and your way of thinking to make an impact across the organization. Explore diverse perspectives and influence others. Feel that you belong and that you are part of a value driven community. We’ll provide rewards that work for you. Our promise is to value you as an individual.


Be you @ Bayer


Example Message

You have a voice. Your perspectives, interpretations and ideas are the lifeblood of our success. Because success is driven by the catalyst of original thought and the hunger to collaborate.


Be original. Be Bayer.


In return for your unique input, we’ll offer you the chance to be part of a community of other brilliant and original minds to provide healthy challenge and help you fulfil your potential. We also offer flexibility in when and how you work. 


Be part of something bigger.

Join our team.