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As #TeamBayer, we want to improve lives through science, working towards a world with ‘Health for all’ and ‘Hunger for none’. 


‘Science for Better’ is a platform idea to articulate, unite, and elevate our unique Bayer brand with a single narrative that connects our three divisions. We want to tell the unmissable Bayer story at the intersection of world-defining topics – as a science-based company serving essential human needs in health and nutrition.


With ’Science for Better’, we strive to make the ‘Better Life’ in our purpose more tangible – with concrete examples (‘Missions’) that explain what ‘better’ means for the people who benefit from our products and solutions.


It speaks to all our audiences and motivates our teams by enabling us to consistently tell our Bayer story to the outside world, help unleash the full potential of the Bayer brand.


What is it?

Meet ‘Science for Better’: a unified, global communication platform idea that unites and unleashes the full potential of our iconic Bayer brand. 

The ‘Science for Better’ brand communication platform helps us articulate, unite, and elevate our brand with a single narrative that connects our divisions. 

‘Science for Better’ Missions
ONE Bayer

We are Bayer. One Company of Missions. Missions, to help tackle the world’s biggest challenges. To help serve the most essential human needs of health and food. United by science, these missions strive to make today,tomorrow and the future, better. Better, so people and planet can thrive. Better, so everyone has the chance to live the best possible life. Better, where health is for all, and hunger is for none. Together, we can create a world that is better for everyone. Bayer. Science for Better. 

‘Science for Better’ Narrative
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Why is it necessary?

Science as our superpower, 73% trust scientists 'to do what is right'We need to strengthen the Bayer story by broadly and consistently communicating who we are and what our vision is. 


Now, more than ever, people need trust and reassurance in their health and nutrition. Global topics that have left people feeling vulnerable worldwide.


People are searching for allies, turning to brands that are seen to be tackling the sources of those vulnerabilities. Life’s most essential building blocks that we, as Bayer, are leaders in – based on science as our superpower.

How are we bringing it to life?

With a strategy built on Bayer’s unique DNA, the foundations of our brand, our business leadership and leveraging science as our superpower. 


The new brand communication concept combines Bayer’s Missions, messaging and proof points, a new slogan and our existing visual identity with an additional design element. 

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Our new, simple, connective slogan, ‘Science For Better’, reflects the unique positioning of Bayer as a leader in health and nutrition, highlighting a science-based Company of many Missions, each with tangible benefits for people and planet. This ever-evolving slogan will be used across all content related to the new brand communication.


Science for Better


Another new element – the Circle – connects one decisive part of our best-known and most distinctive brand asset, the Bayer Cross, with people and our Missions to help humanize Bayer, rebalance the perception, and close the existing knowledge and likeability gaps. The green and blue circle acts as a burning glass, creating unity and connection, and putting humans at the centre of our brand communication.

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Examples "Science for Better"

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In a nutshell – important to note:

  • We are introducing the new ONE Bayer Brand Communication concept to help rebalance Bayer’s perception, building our reputation based on our unique position in Life Sciences, and unleashing the Bayer brand’s full value potential.
  • We are using the new slogan ‘Science for Better’ to make the ‘For Better’ Missions derived from our purpose more visible. 
  • ‘Science for Better’ addresses our greatest communication challenges and opportunities by closing existing knowledge and likeability gaps. We want to achieve this by making the ‘better’ in our company purpose more concrete.
  • Unmissable Bayer proof points (‘Missions’) that are understandable to the general public are intended to make visible what ‘better’ means for the people who benefit from our products and solutions.
  • There is no change to the overall visual identity of Bayer. 
  • The new brand communication doesn’t change who we are and what we stand for – the opposite is the case, it makes our ONE Bayer positioning even clearer and adds to our unique story.