The likeable Bayer brand

Drawing - high-rise buildings, the middle high-rise building has a Bavarian cross on top

We have a strong corporate brand. To make sure our brand remains strong, we’re going to improve the likeability of our brand. We do this by continuing our journey towards a more dynamic, outward-oriented and human brand. What does that mean?


A dynamic brand

We at Bayer want to act as leaders and drive progress. For this, it’s important to adapt and to live the optimistic, visionary, and passionate personality of our brand. This is reflected in our warm and vibrant visual, verbal and sonic brand identity.

Our Brand


A human brand

A brand does never stand by itself, there’s also the people behind it. We are an inclusive and empathetic company. A place where people love what they do and make contributions that help people and the planet thrive.

Our Brand



At Bayer, we're excited about the future. Advancing health and nutrition is what we do best and care about most. The solutions we create will advance life tomorrow. We are pursuing science and innovation to deliver on our purpose and work towards our vision.

Our Brand