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To be successful in social media, we need to provide relevant content to our target audiences and be recognizable as a brand across different channels. This section summarizes tips, tools and information necessary to achieve these goals. Tools can help you create and plan your content in the long run. Of course, all content must be produced in line with legal and, if applicable, divisional regulations.


From Finding Topics to Content Distribution

The quality of content is the defining factor in social media as we increasingly compete for short attention spans. We aim to provide social content that inspires our target audiences. It focuses on life itself and conveys our optimism, passion and vision in an approachable fashion. We will show you how source and develop get the right content for your channel, step by step. 




Creating Relevant and Attractive Content

The core and starting point of all our content is formed by our vision, ‘Health for all, hunger for none,’ which helps to personify our values and activities as a company. Key topics that fall into more than one division should be jointly handled and coordinated by the communication units concerned. If your content successfully picks up on the topics outside the company, it becomes all the more relevant.


You have already identified relevant topics for your channel? Then check out the Do’s and Don’ts for content creation.


We should develop content that:

  • inspires and provides the best fit for both Bayer and our target audiences.

  • conveys our values in optimistic, passionate and visionary fashion.

  • appears warm and visually authentic. In particular, our brand thrives on dynamic imagery that’s full of motion and energy. 

  • is legally sound. Pay specific attention to copyright, links to external sites and product descriptions. 

  • demonstrates industry-specific knowledge through reliable external sources.

  • clearly mark external sources or third-party content and provide relevant links. Before you share or link to content from external sources, always check their reliability first. Note that if these contents are illegal, it can result in legal consequences for Bayer!



Social media is not a legal vacuum. Be careful not to:

  • distribute unlawful content (this also applies to links).

  • infringe the copyrights of images, music and videos.

  • pass on confidential information. Insights into current research projects, company strategies, takeovers and any other content labelled secret or restricted do not belong on social media.


The Process of Content Planning & Approval

Ideally, all content consists of roughly 30% global and 70% local topics (i.e. topics relevant to the market you supervise). An editorial plan can help you maintain this balance and an adequate posting frequency.

Drafting a content plan does not need to be difficult. An overview of public holidays and industry events is often a great start. A number of professional tools can further assist you with your content creation and planning. At Bayer we use Sprinklr for example.

With the help of these tools you can easily coordinate posts with your team and relevant stakeholders. The final content approval is subject to the respective country requirements. For more information on approval please speak to your local (digital) communications team.


Successful Content Distribution

Marketing your channel is vital, with or without a budget. If you produce relevant content tailored to your target audience organic growth is possible. If you do have a budget, weigh your options carefully. Choose the marketing method promising the highest return on your investment.



Final Checklist for Content Creation


My content:

  • complies with the division and country-specific procedures.
  • is relevant to my target audience. 
  • is tailored to the chosen channel. 
  • uses only reliable sources. 
  • is coordinated with my team and if possible with the local communication and/or marketing team. 
  • is officially approved.


Inspiration for Great Bayer Social Media Content

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