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Visual Appearance

All Bayer social media channels must comply with the Bayer corporate design. A cohesive and recognizable look & feel across all social media channels is as important as complying with image and multimedia copyrights. When using images on social media, make sure to not to infringe upon the proprietary rights of third parties and obtain the consent of the person(s) before you use images of them


Using Visual Corporate Identity Elements in Social Media

The use of social media at Bayer often involves using the services of third-party providers. Please check in advance to what extent the service of the selected provider allow the Bayer corporate design rules to be applied. If it is not possible to adhere strictly to all Bayer guidelines or if you feel unsure, consult your corporate design and/or digital communications contact and ask for support with specific applications not yet covered in the Bayer Identity Net.


When using visual corporate identity elements such as logos, key visuals or other representations, please be aware that the service provider may adjust the size or take a different section of these elements for previews, albums, and other purposes. The resultant depictions must also satisfy the Bayer Group's quality requirements.


Image and Multimedia Copyright

You must ensure at all times that all items posted on social media channels do not infringe upon the trademark, personal or other proprietary rights of third parties. If you need help or feel unsure, your colleagues from your legal department can assist you. Likewise, if you notice a legal infringement of Bayer proprietary rights by any third parties, please contact your legal department.


Media Used

The copyright or rights of use required for all media used on a social media channel – such as graphics, images, photos, texts, videos, etc. – must either already lie with Bayer or be obtained accordingly. If available, details must be provided on the rights of use for images and any other media in the text box below an album.


*All images on BayerNet have consent from both photographer and person as they have been purchased or shot internally.


Image author: Bayer AG
Image rights: This photograph may be used in reports about Bayer as long as the source is attributed. The sale to third parties is explicitly prohibited.


Images of people

Any individual depicted in a photograph has what is called the "right to one's own image" or the "right of publicity". If an individual depicted has not consented to the use of their image and there is no general consent agreement covering such use, this consent must first be obtained before the image is used.

Furthermore, you must distinguish between the consent of a person pictured and a photographer’s consent or that of any other copyright holder. In the latter case the consent must be obtained if it has not already been given and you must provide detailed source information, including the name of the photographer, along with the photograph.


Channel Design

The continued awareness and positive perception of the Bayer brand is essential for the success of Bayer products. As such we must maintain a cohesive visual identity across all media. For instance, we can use profile pictures and cover images to present ourselves with a uniform image across different social media channels and remain recognizable as a brand.

Profile Pictures

Almost every social media platform requires a profile picture. For a consistent representation across all Bayer social media channels, please use the profile pictures below and adapt them to suit your channel. Depending on your type of social media page – e.g. corporate pages, product pages or global pages – different requirements apply.

Overview & Download Profile Pictures / Bayer Crosses


For product-related social media channels, the Bayer cross is no longer needed in the profile picture/icon, but must be visible in the channel cover image. Please place the Bayer logo in the top right corner of your channel header image or channel header video (example: Bayer Aspirin Channel).

For some channels Bayer has adopted a global one-page strategy which aggregate content from all Bayer countries on one page – e.g. Bayer Careers as a global page, and Bayer Karriere as the local, German page. In order to be able to differentiate between content from different countries at first glance, profile pictures contain the country code for the respective country. This applies to standard pages as well as product pages.


Example Profile Pictures Global Pages (Standard & Product)


Download template

Channel Specific Design Guidelines

Apart from profile pictures you can sometimes add a cover image to your page, the size and layout of which vary from channel to channel. Please note: For product-related social media channels the Bayer cross is needed in the channel cover image. Place the Bayer logo in the top right corner of your channel header image or channel header video.


The following overview contains the most commonly used images sizes for social media. For further details please visit the provider pages e.g. to get information on mobile views.


Please note:
For product-related social media channels the Bayer cross is no longer needed in the profile picture, but in the channel cover image. Please place the Bayer logo in the top right corner of your channel header image or channel header video.


Links and Images Sizes for Social Media Channels

  • Facebook: profile picture 320px x 320px (will be cropped to a circular shape in ads and posts), cover photo 820px x 312px
  • Twitter: profile picture 400px x 400px, header image 1500px x 500px
  • LinkedIn: profile picture 300px x 300px, cover image 1128 x 191 pixels 
  • YouTube: channel icons 800px x 800px, channel art images 2048px x 1152px 
  • Instagram: profile picture 150px x 150px


The Bayer Imagery

Social media is a crowded space. Using images is a great way to grab the attention of your target audiences and enrich your content. Some social media platforms are even image-based (e.g. Instagram or Pinterest). If you are looking for appealing images to help your post stand out, the Bayer Mediapool is your number one resource. It contains all the corporate design material as well as the video and central image bank.


Our imagery focuses on real people and life itself, which is why it:

  • is vibrant and warm in color, 
  • exudes movement, dynamism and energy, 
  • feels natural and real, not posed or staged, 
  • shows a diverse world, full of life.

Basic Design Principles for Social Media Images

All Bayer designs contain a dynamic angle (i.e. as a graphic element or in how we crop photography). You can also use multiple angles in a range from 11° to 80° but be sure not to overcrowd your design. Try to use a dark background image and loud colors from our color palette to attract attention.


When used as directed, the new design actually allows you more freedom. For instance, you can now place the Bayer cross both on the left and right side as well as in the top or bottom corner.


The particular image sizes will vary depending on the social media channel. As platforms evolve, sizes may also change over time. Fortunately, there are up-to-date guides to image sizes on the web. Last but not least, our Social Media Brandbook contains a summary of the Do’s and Don’ts for content images as well as a number of examples for the main social media channels.

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