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Social Media Tools

No matter if you are creating content, interacting with your community or drawing up an editorial plan, the right tools can facilitate your work to ensure the success of your channel. Apart from various freeware tools available, Bayer also supplies a number of tools for you to use.


Tools Supported by Bayer


Social Media Management Platforms


Sprinklr is an all-in-one social media management platform designed for the optimal use of your social media channel(s). It assists you in planning, publishing, reporting and even community management. You can also do social listening, though we don’t recommend it.


Bayer currently owns more than 200 Sprinklr licences. That's why you can benefit from lower prices and exchange content with international colleagues from almost all divisions. One user-based licence costs around $1,200 a year.

To find out more about Sprinklr please contact:
Christian Klemm



(Social) Online Listening Tools



Talkwalker and Brandwatch are listening tools that help analyze and monitor your own digital channels as well as what is trending on other channels. Perform searches of external conversations in social/digital media to listen to your audience and gain further insights. This also helps to monitor issues and crises.

Listening activities require you to pass on any reports of adverse side-effect to ensure continued patient and drug safety standards are maintained. To comply with all pharmacovigilance regulations please speak to your local pharmacovigilance team

Please note that within corporate communications Talkwalker comes as part of the media monitoring package delivered by the service provider Unicepta. Unicepta both assists you in setting up the tools and profiting from synergies within Bayer.

To find out more about Talkwalker please contact: Marc de Bruyn


Employee Engagement & Advocacy Tool

The BayerNet App is a great way to keep employees informed with relevant company and industry news. The service allows sharing of Bayer news to social media platforms and is available for private and business phones, iOS and Android devices.


Please contact Markus Poll-Stachelscheid for more information.



Terms of Use & Licensing

All tools come with particular terms of use. Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and licensing agreement of the tools you use.
Once you have chosen the right tool(s) for you, please get in touch with your IT business partner and your local procurement contact to acquire your license.

If you grant third parties access to your tools, for example a content agency, make sure they adhere to the same social media guidelines as every Bayer employee.


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