Our Brand needs One Voice

Every employee has the ability and the power to bring Bayer’s vision, purpose, personality and promise to life. Here’s your chance to enrich your skills as a Bayer ambassador by completing our newly launched interactive module in the My Learning portal.

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So, you’ve clicked on this story to learn more about the new voluntary e-learning module? But what can you expect and why should you care? 


Unleash the full potential of the Bayer brand

We believe that everything you write, say, depict and do is a given opportunity to foster and grow our Bayer brand equity and value, ultimately unleashing its full potential. This means that it’s important we all speak the same Bayer ‘voice’. We want to operate as ‘ONE Bayer’, as it is a huge advantage to use one brand, with one message, one vision and one identity. 


You are an ambassador of the Bayer brand

As an employee of Bayer, you have the power to set an example. If you know what Bayer as a brand stands for, you can bring it across to your colleagues, customers, and business partners. The consistent use of our brand assets like the Bayer cross, distinguishes our activities from those of competitors and makes the activity unique.  


As our most valuable asset, the Bayer brand exemplifies our culture, beliefs, and personality. It is important that we utilize it effectively and in the right way. Our brand is so much more than a logo: it represents us at every level. 


Let’s give our brand the best support it needs and get started with the e-learning. Combined with a short quiz at the end, it offers an entertaining way for you to get to know our brand better. Use this knowledge in combination with the Academy on our brand portal Identity Net, and you will become a true ambassador of the Bayer brand.


What is it about?

The e-learning tells you more about why a strong brand is important, what the core of our brand is and how it aligns with our Bayer identity. Invest only 15 minutes of your time to grow as an ambassador of Bayer. 
The training is easy to find in the My Learning portal by using the short URL go/BrandEducation  (Bayer users only)


Get started right here!





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