How We Approach Reporting

Despite being a single entity, Bayer is comprised of multiple business partners working across various countries, each with their own unique offerings, needs and opportunities.


This diversity is certainly something to celebrate—and is precisely the reason why One Bayer is such a rich and dynamic concept.


For every business of Bayer to benefit from analytics, we need to be consistent when it comes to collecting and analyzing our data.


By aligning to the same measuring and reporting process, each communications partner can help their teams gather sound data that enables all of us to avoid confusion and ‘speak the same language’. 


Measuring performance by channel will always be necessary when looking at the whole picture. But when measuring content performance, it’s important to consider all Bayer channels and touchpoints.


Holistic reporting may then include website traffic, organic search, BayerNet, social media and other channels. By measuring content through a comprehensive approach, we’re better able to spot and leverage trends across evolving topics, tonalities, and storytelling styles to make the most of every initiative. 


There are two key factors that encourage user engagement:

  1. Correctly identifying and understanding our audience(s) 
  2. Leveraging the right channels in the right way to connect with our audience 

The success of our work hinges on inspiring audiences to interact with our content.


Like any relationship given the proper attention, these interactions can improve over time. That means we must always be active participants who consider unfolding events, trends, and channels in order to enrich our interactions as the conversations evolve. Sometimes, that even means using new or different channels in new or different ways.  


Staying relevant requires more than just being visible—Bayer must cultivate emotional connections with audiences.


Staying true to our tone and vision, we express our unique and genuine personality. That authentic presence is precisely what resonates with people who believe in us, what we do, and what we can all accomplish.


Measuring our performance is key to understanding our online relationship-building. By gaining insight into what topics, messages, and media resonate best, we can capitalize on every opportunity to meaningful engage our audiences.                 


Each team has their own unique needs and priorities that align to Bayer’s global communications goals.


Each team also engages with their own unique audiences who have distinct interests and motivations. It’s a lot to coordinate, which is why it’s so imperative that everyone at Bayer can tailor their reporting to drive the overarching communication strategy.


To accomplish this, we need to ensure that our reporting satisfies goals, strategies and objectives for the entire organization.


Bayer’s approach will establish key metrics to gauge performance across all channels throughout the digital experience.   


Each report developed will use the same template, which is designed for everyone to interpret and understand.


Consistency is key but understanding locally relevant nuances will further drive insights. We encourage teams to customize their reporting based on the specific audience needs. 


This audience-led approach ensures that integrated communications efforts can be easily understood in a consistent, yet customizable way to meet everyone’s needs.   


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