Tools for Management

In the digital sphere, we have different ways of reading the room. That’s why it’s important to analyze the merits of our interactions from multiple sources.


This is where analytics tools come in to give us in-depth insights in real time so we can measure our success as the conversations evolve.


Here are some of the most valuable reporting tools to get started. View the reporting resources section to learn more about tools’ training opportunities. 

This platform collects and compiles website traffic and engagement data into informative reports across four main focus areas:

  1. Audience 
  2. Acquisition 
  3. Behavior 
  4. Conversion 


Use to

  • Monitor and understand how people are using Bayer web properties and the overarching BayerNet environment. 

This resource illuminates how audiences use search engines to discover Bayer’s content. It provides insight into which search terms are used to find our content, which search terms encourage the most clicks, and how well our content ranks in Google’s search engine results. 


Use to

  • Optimize SEO
  • Identify problems and opportunities
  • Make content more visible, accessible and relevant  


This platform consolidates and analyzes all of Bayer’s incoming messages across channels. This data ranges from post comments, ad interactions, direct messages and mentions from other user accounts.


All to measure brand sentiment, respond to incoming messages, and more. Given its robust capabilities, approved users should leverage Sprinklr as the primary community engagement tool for Bayer’s corporate communications. 


Use to    

  • Publish social content 

  • Manage inbound messages and replies
  • Channel and post-level analytics         

Data Studio connects various sources to visualize data through intuitive reports and dashboards. The platform is highly customizable, including design features to help you clearly communicate your findings.


Developed with integration in-mind, it’s easy to connect with Google Analytics, relational databases, and other platforms to transform any and all data into charts, graphs and tables.


Because the platform allows you to easily share reporting PDFs, we recommend using Data Studio for developing dashboards that can support collaboration across the group, business partner and country levels.  


Use to 

  • Summarize and visualize key data

  • Quickly check usage and performance
  • Filter and drill-down to find specific results  


In addition to community engagement data, we also need to measure Bayer’s total visibility and influence across social media platforms. This means exporting data directly from each native social media channel (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram).


Each channel collects different data; therefore, we must then use custom calculations to determine how engaging a given post was. Don’t worry—it’s easier than it sounds. Check out our Reporting FAQ section to learn more about how we calculate certain metrics. 


Use to                

  • Determine top and bottom-performing posts
  • Monitor channel health and following 


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