Understanding Goals, Strategies, Objectives, & Tactics

Making the Most of Every Engagement

To effectively measure digital properties and communications, you’ll need to establish what to report on. These components are goals, strategies, objectives and tactics. 


reporting components




is an intended, primary outcome.

  • can be intangible or difficult to quantify

  • helps illuminate relevant and necessary metrics and/or KPIs

  • accelerates the improvement of communications, products and/or services



is a deliberate plan of action to achieve a goal. 

  • designed to promote and sell a brand, product or service

  • method to acquire and/or maintain customers

  • informed by a company’s value proposition, brand messaging, audience data, etc.



is a measurable milestone to successfully implement a strategy. 

  • clarifies an initiative’s progress, direction and focus

  • establishes clear benchmarks for the success of a project



is a tool used to accomplish an objective and/or strategy

  • a method or action that aims to stimulate a desired outcome

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