Tips and Tricks

When we’re learning a foreign language, don’t we all tend to make the same mistakes over and over again? It’s the same with singing. If you sing a wrong note first time round, it somehow gets lodged in your brain and then it’s hard to sing the right one. Identity Net usage is no different. Many users keep making the same old mistakes. We’re here to help you so that's why we thought it might be useful if we noted down these frequently made mistakes – so you can avoid them in the future.


  • Forgetting the minimum space around the Bayer Cross (min. ¼ B; B = diameter of Bayer Cross):
    The Bayer Cross needs room to breathe, no matter which medium it is used in. More information here Key elements – Bayer Cross.




  • Still using the old Bayer Cross:
    Please ensure you’ve got the most up-to-date versions in the different file formats. You can find them via our logo finder



  • Creating a white or black 1c logo simply by converting the 4c version:
    The black and white 1c versions have a thinner rim than the full-color (4c) version and are completely different files. You can find them via the logo finder.


  • Adding elements to or placing them too close to the Bayer Cross:
    That might be just a word or an icon but the negative result is that visually it looks like you’ve created a new logo. And that’s an absolute no-go!

  • Placing a full-color Bayer Cross on a round colored background of approx. the same size:
    This makes the Bayer Cross look like a button, which is another no-go. Place it either on a white square background or use the white or black 1c version.

  • Placing an additional colored ring around the Bayer Cross to separate it from the background:
    This is just about the ultimate NO-GO!

  • Using a full-color Bayer Cross on wrong color backgrounds:
    This just doesn’t work because on colors like Fuchsia, certain greens or blues the Bayer Cross doesn’t stand out.


  • Using the Bayer Cross in colors other than 4c, black and white:
    The only exception to this strict rule are the colors Bepanthen blue and Rennie red.

  • Using a too-small version of the 4c version (smallest size 10 mm) or a too small version of the 1c version (smallest size 5 mm):
    OK, this rule may not always apply in digital media but it is really important to remember that the Bayer Cross and the letters BAYER always have to be nicely readable, even in digital media.

  • Forwarding the Bayer corporate logo or a product logo to third parties without a Consent Declaration by Corporate Trademarks:
    We know that third parties are keen to profit from Bayer’s good image, e.g. through co-branding, but you’ve got to get official approval before any third party is allowed to use our corporate logo or any product logo.

  • Using a tagline in direct combination with the Bayer Cross:
    This is no longer permitted. The use of the tagline is optional anyway, and if it is used, please ensure it is separated from the Bayer Cross.

  • Using downward sloping angles for color spaces or lines (i.e. the graphical device):
    The angles need to slope upward (= positive and dynamic).


  • Using other fonts other than Neue Helvetica (for professionally designed online and print objects) and Arial (for office communications):
    That’s a rule. There are no exceptions.

  • Using photos downloaded from the internet:
    OK if you purchase a usage license, but why not use photos from the Identity Net Media Pool? They are license-free and there’s a huge choice.

  • Creating new custom logos or symbols for projects, departments or other events:
    This waters down the impact of our iconic Bayer logo(s) so please carefully read the rules in the “Custom logos” section.

  • Creating your own mail footer / email signature:
    In the interests of a consistent look & feel for our corporate correspondence, please use nothing but the respective templates for updating your mail footer.

  • Adding slogans, information, pictures or other additions to the actual mail footer:
    Such elements are only allowed as part of your email signature content, i.e. above “Kind regards / name”.


If you make a mental note of these frequently made mistakes, you’ll save yourself time and effort and help protect our trademarks. Such mistakes are not only embarrassing for whoever makes them, but can even be very damaging for us as a company.

Our job is to support you in your everyday work. So if you have any questions or doubts about how to use these elements of our corporate design correctly, please don’t hesitate to mail us:

That’s our service address for you!



If you have any further questions about this or any other section of Bayer Identity Net, please contact:

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