Introduction — The Right Tool For The Job

While the different technologies excel in their own areas, what really mattters is using them together correctly.


Example: How the different tools can be used to deal with the subject of innovation


The topic "innovation" is relevant to all Bayer employees. So there is a section of BayerNet devoted to the role innovation plays in the company's strategy.


A group of experts researching innovation in crop analytics set up their own community on Viva Engage to facilitate discussions and foster the exchange of ideas.


Individuals can also use their blogs to provide insights into their particular field, interests and skills. Looking for an expert filing patents? Viva Engage Profiles is the place to start.


Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint can be set up to collaborate on projects and create workflows or share files in a secure way.


At all times, Outlook and Skype complement the other tools by providing direct communication: such as the setting up a conference call to discuss the latest draft regulation.


In addition specialized software can be used for specific tasks: SAP, Documentum, Colligo, WBT, etc.


BayerNet (SiteCore) for Corporate Communication
For all 100,000 Bayer employees
Personalized by location and legal entity
Content managed by COM with local enhancements

Viva Engage for social collaboration & knowledge management
Ideal for informal communities and groups and individual blogs.

MS Teams and Sharepoint for project-based collaboration
Supports project teams with secure and revisioned document hosting and relevant workflows


Skype or Teams Meetings
Direct, ad hoc communication