Corporate sponsorship is becoming increasingly important – particularly as many socially significant projects or organizations depend on additional sources of financing. Sponsorship for sporting, cultural, social or charitable activities is based on contractually agreed performance and counter-performance. For Bayer, image enhancement and an increase in brand awareness should always be the communication objectives.


Board advertising

Board advertising is the classic and most widespread form of sports advertising. Board dimensions are based on the specifications of the individual sports clubs or arenas.




The Bayer logo for board advertising has been specifically adapted to the requirements of TV broadcasts. The relationship of the Bayer Cross to the Bayer word has been modified and a special background dyed in the corporate colors. The Bayer Cross must have the largest possible diameter permitted by the advertising board.

LED board advertising provides additional design leeway, increases visibility and perception, and makes the advertising more dynamic.



For more information please contact identitynet@bayer.com

Board advertising can also be used for product advertising. The Bayer Cross is then complemented by a product logo.


Jersey advertising

The Bayer Cross is to be applied to a jersey as follows:

  • For designs centered on the front of the jersey a Bayer Cross diameter of 15 cm is specified. 

  • If such a centered design is not possible for advertising reasons or restrictions laid down by the respective sports association, the Bayer Cross should be shifted to the upper part of the jersey; in such cases we recommend a Bayer Cross diameter of 8 cm. 

  • Only the line-art form is permitted when printing the Bayer Cross. – in white on a dark background or in black on a light background. 

  • In order to maximize the impact of the Bayer Cross, please also consider embroidering the colored Bayer Cross onto textiles. More information on branded textiles can be found in Promotional Items.

  • If Bayer is not the sole sponsor, the jersey advertising will be weighted according to the financial clout of the various sponsors.


The design of jerseys must comply with the statutory requirements of the respective sports association. As some sports associations have detailed regulations governing the placement of advertising messages, these rules must be complied with.

The Bayer Cross must not be combined with other graphic elements.
Bayer Cross

Advertising in an interview/media zone

The additional options for publicizing and advertising the Bayer brand at events with intensive media coverage include the designed background of the interview area:


To ensure optimal TV presence from every camera angle we have a multiple Bayer Cross pattern, for outstanding recall impact. Detailed information can be found in the
Live Communication chapter

Cultural, social and scientific sponsorship

Logo use and placement

Only the Bayer logo may be used for such sponsorship activities. However, if specific Bayer products are making a major contribution to a sponsored event, they may be included as well.

The Bayer logo must always be placed in a highly visible position with sufficient clearance around it. The size of the logo must be selected on the basis of the desired degree of attention and the appropriate degree of restraint for the sponsored event.

If Bayer is one of several sponsors, the positioning and prominence of the Bayer logo must be in line with the comparative significance of Bayer’s sponsorship.


Colored background

Wherever possible, the colored logo is to be placed on a white background and can be complemented by the text “Sponsored by”. The colored logo may also be placed on colored backgrounds. All rules can be found in the Bayer Cross section.


Purpose usage

If appropriate in the context, not visually disruptive and accepted by the event or organization being sponsored, the purpose “Science For A Better Life” may be used as a complementary feature. However, it is no longer permitted to combine the Bayer Cross with the purpose, which must stand alone. Rules on how to use the purpose can be found in the purpose section.


Regulations on the use of Bayer trademarks by third parties

The following rules apply for sponsorship projects:

  • Before undertaking any sponsorship, please contact your local communications team to discuss the benefits of the sponsorship for Bayer. 

  • If this sponsorship is considered beneficial and approved by Corporate Communications, please contact our Corporate Trademarks before sending the Bayer Cross to any external party. Corporate Trademarks will support you in drawing up a trademark license agreement that clearly defines how the external partner may and may not use the Bayer logo. Moreover, such an agreement will prevent any usage of the Bayer logo outside the congress.