Social Media Assets

Social Media Toolbox for corporate usage  

The engagement in and the impact of our social media activities are constantly growing. Therefore, it is important to have a globally consistent digital brand experience. We developed a social media toolbox with individual PowerPoint templates, which can be easily adapted to local needs. 


The Social Media Toolbox offers a selection of templates for the most important channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) in order to represent Bayer uniformly and in accordance with Bayer visual identity requirements: 

  • Quote Cards
  • Text Box
  • Company Announcements
  • Stories

The templates enable a simple, uniform, and personalized creation of social media posts (basic and animated). Feel free to use and adapt the provided templates to drive your local content.


Quick Design Guide offers helpful tips and tricks to edit the templates flexibly to local needs according to the Bayer corporate design guidelines. Templates are developed in accordance with specific requirements for each social media platform.

Guidance for private social accounts 

At Bayer, we also invite all colleagues to engage in social media and with Bayer channels! If you want to participate in the company’s social media activities via your private account in any way you choose like, share Bayer's official posts or make comments, posts about Bayer and its activities. We would more than welcome it if you want to publish content related to your work at Bayer. Please ask your supervisor and the local communications team for support and approval.


All our employees are free to use social media in any way they choose. All we ask is that you clearly identify yourself as an employee of Bayer in your profile if you wish to publicly partake in discussions about Bayer or Bayer-related topics, connect with clients or post about work.


In addition to the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn post types, a brand-new Bayer Linkedin header is now available - all you have to do is to download THIS FILE, open it and choose the picture you like the most. How to change it? See the LinkedIn help to get the instructions.

By contrast, if you only use social media privately and do not comment on any Bayer or industry-related events it is up to you to identify yourself as an employee or not.


In either case please bear the Bayer's guidelines in mind to avoid any potential harm to either you or Bayer through social media activities.