Reporting for BayerNet

BayerNet is designed to be a single source to immediately access everything related to Bayer news, information and resources. This intranet is uniquely built to empower Bayer employees, and therefore must be tailored to support their unique needs.


Because BayerNet offers tailors content per individual interests and behavior, it’s important to measure the performance of personalized experiences in similar ways compared to external Bayer channels.


The following outlines the objectives, tactics and KPIs to consider when measuring and building reports for BayerNet.


Objective Tactics KPIs
Provide employees with a single intranet experience for news, information and resources to build a digital workplace 
  • Desktop/app sessions 
  • Top news articles 
  • Average session duration 
  • Sessions/users    
  • Sessions w/search 
Increase knowledge sharing so employees can accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently 
  • Top static pages 
  • Most shared pages 
  • Top search terms 
Inspire employee engagement through personalized news and information on key company topics and developments  Personalized social media 
  • Top news articles 
  • Article social actions 
  • Email sessions
Encourage internal Bayer Ambassadors by providing sharable news and social media posts (e.g., societal topics, brand campaigns, etc.)  BayerNet desktop and app articles 
  • Top news articles 
  • Most shared articles 


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