Recommendation functions and e-cards

The caption recommendation functions and e-cards covers all options provided on Bayer websites to send messages to other persons, e.g. to invite them to or make them aware of the website (email, SMS, or the like). Based on the information provided by a third party, i.e. the sender/user of the website, messages are sent to a recipient selected by such third party (“tell a friend”, invitation function, or the like). If and to what extent the use of such services is in compliance with applicable laws should be verified in cooperation with the locally competent Data Privacy Manager.


Irrespective of permissibility pursuant to applicable laws, the use of recommendation functions and/or e-cards is only permitted if the following prerequisites are fulfilled:


Users must be informed in the privacy statement

  • The privacy statement shall inform users about the use of recommendation functions. A respective module is contained in the Modular Privacy Statement.


Addressor must be the sender, not Bayer

  • The indicated addressor of the message must be the sender, not Bayer.
  • The sender should have the option to alter the subject line and the text of the message.


Recipients must be protected against unsolicited messages

  • Messages shall not contain any advertisements (e.g. banners, other links).
  • Messages should contain an option for recipients to be included in a block list/blacklist, so that they will receive no more invitation messages via the website.
  • Senders must be informed that they are not permitted to send a message to a recipient if they assume that the recipient does not wish to receive such message.
  • The sending of mass messages should be prevented by respective technical means (neither a message to several recipients at a time, e.g. a complete address book, nor several messages to the same recipient, e.g. a maximum one message per month to the same recipient).


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