Identity Net is now easier to navigate

We are delighted to announce that the Identity Net’s new, streamlined navigation menus are live – making it more user-friendly and easier than ever to find the brand elements, guidance and assets you need.


All the same information is available as before, but now it is condensed into six overall menu categories, allowing related information to be accessed more quickly and intuitively. 

Now, all the aspects of the Bayer brand itself are collected under the ‘Bayer Brand’ heading. Practical applications of the brand are listed under ‘Brand Application’ (for real-world contexts such as office locations, advertising and events), ‘Digital Channels’ (for websites, social posts, apps, e-learning platforms and so on), and ‘Product Branding’ (for individual products that carry the Bayer brand).


Meanwhile, users can find images and videos through the Media Pool, and use the familiar Services section to get news, updates and access to functions such as e-cards.


With this updated navigation, we hope that you will find the resources you need in a more natural location, with less searching required.
Feel free to browse the new sections, and of course get in touch with the Corporate Brand Management team via email at in case you have any questions or suggestions for us! 


If you have any further questions about this or any other section of Bayer Identity Net, please contact: