I&D for Bayernet

Reflecting Inclusion & Diversity Principles on BayerNet 

BayerNet is the global Intranet platform for Bayer employees. It contains a core set of global content seen by all employees around the world and then is personalized by function, department, country and office location. It is a one-stop-shop for news and tools employees need to do their jobs.

  • Are you using diverse images?

  • Do images have alternate text and/or captions?

  • Does video have captions and/or audio descriptions and does audio have a transcript?

  • Have you avoided using visual characteristics to communicate information (e.g., “click the circle on the right” or “required fields are in red”)?

  • Does the interface have sufficient contrast between text color and background color?

  • Is link text meaningful independent of its context?

  • Is it conducive to screen reading?


  • Alt-text: To add alternate text to an image, fill out the ‘alternate text’ field when you upload the image to the media library in SiteCore. 

  • Image captions: Fill out the ‘image caption’ field underneath the image in SiteCore. 

  • Video captions: To activate video captions in Microsoft Stream, (the video platform used for BayerNet) open the ‘options’ tab and check the box for ‘autogenerate captions.’ Or, use the ‘upload subtitles’ link to upload your document. Please note that autogenerated captions may contain errors.