Best Practices: Explore branding projects that made a big difference

Want to get inspiration for a branding project, or learn the practical steps that lead to success? Check out real stories from Bayer colleagues in the Best Practices section of the Academy 

The Identity Net is all about giving you the resources you need to communicate the Bayer brand in an inspiring, high-impact way, which both fits with brand rules and gives you the results you want. As well as giving guidelines and tips, we know it is important to show how these translate into the real world, with practical examples.


This is why we have launched a new section of the Academy within the Identity Net: Best Practices. This section showcases recent success stories from across the Bayer world, covering different territories, projects and goals – all with a branding perspective.


In Best Practices, you can learn the lived experiences of Bayer colleagues who undertook lighthouse branding projects: what steps they took, what support they needed, and what the outcomes were. These are real stories and not imagined ideal scenarios – meaning they are not only about what went to plan, but also the unexpected challenges, complications or learnings along the way. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, the Best Practices may give you a good example to follow.


Best Practices has been launched with articles on two lighthouse projects:


  • 125 Years of Bayer in India: To mark this major anniversary, the India and global teams collaborated on a suite of branded assets including a commemorative logo, video and virtual event. Despite strict regulations and timeframes, the results were better than anyone imagined
  • Vegetables by Bayer: How could we harness the power of two brands – De Ruiter and Seminis – with two separate legacies? This is the story of how the Vegetables by Bayer family gave them a home within the Bayer brand architecture while respecting their strengths


If you are developing a similar campaign to one of these, these may give you some relevant advice. But even if you are not, the stories are packed with insights on how to get the most from the Bayer brand, in terms of key metrics and supporting our everyday interactions with customers and partners. We hope you will read them and get inspired. 

To browse Best Practices, just follow this link: 


Want to share your own story? We are always looking to grow the Best Practices section and make it as universal as possible, covering the different parts of the Bayer community. If you have a campaign, event or initiative that could be part of Best Practices, let the branding team know:


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