Permanent Exhibitions

A permanent exhibition is a brand experience installation at a specific site (usually a head office) in which the Bayer brand is presented in a dedicated space as a hands-on, holistic experience for colleagues and external visitors.


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Our flagship brand space is the Baykomm Communication Center at Bayer’s Headquarters in Leverkusen. The photos below give you an overview of the overall themes dealt with by this permanent exhibition. By clicking on the application names mentioned you will be guided to the respective chapter of IDnet to obtain more information.


Introduction to the Bayer Brand. The following tools are suitable for implementation in these areas.

Welcome Wall


Corporate Wall



Getting to know people at Bayer. How we work together at Bayer, what inspires us, where in the world we operate, and what distinguishes us as an employer. The following tools are suitable for implementation in these areas.

World Map

VR Experience Locations

Bayer Stories


Employee cards

Employee activities and stories from around the globe


Employee Memory

A special exhibit focusing on employees and jobs at Bayer



Bayer’s identity at a glance: The space is dominated by a huge shelf unit incorporating the following digital tool.

Identity Shelf


Advertising Book


A historical overview of Bayer’s advertising campaigns


Historical Postcards

Past impressions and explanations


Interaction, co-working and creativity: Be creative and work with us on the innovative front.

Visitors can create packaging ideas or slip into the skin of an 80-year-old to find out what the world feels and looks like from this perspective.

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This area offers information about a range of varying key themes so visitors can deep dive into specific topics relating to our divisions. Interactive tools, movies and info graphics support the experience.

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Get inspired by the self-exploring area at Baykomm. Visitors can discover, explore and experience the Bayer brand on their own and, if required, with the help of our guides.

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Inspired by BayKomm, some countries have incorporated one or two of these tools into their headquarters building. Maybe you can get some good ideas from these best practice examples.


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