The standards for all Bayer websites (for content, navigation, etc.) are the newly created Bayer Sans.  Additionally, the license free system sans-serif typeface such as Arial or Helvetica can be used. For non-Roman alphabets please use the Noto Sans (licensed under the Open Font License) typeface. Everything you need to know about the use of the typeface at Bayer can be found here.


Web Fonts

In addition to the standard typefaces, which are installed on the user’s computer, it is also possible to use so-called web fonts, which are hosted on and served by a website and allow a more precise control over the website design.


Because web fonts hosted by third parties can be used to track visitors, such services cannot be used unless the provider has concluded a data processing agreement with Bayer to ensure that they comply with Bayer’s data privacy policy. Where this is not the case web fonts must be hosted on a Bayer website.


If you have any questions about which typefaces you can use, please contact Corporate Branding.



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