The continued awareness and positive image of the Bayer brand is essential for the success of Bayer products. As such there must be consistent visual identity across all media: one face speaking with one voice. This is the express intent of the Management Board. The Bayer Digital Guide is binding for all Bayer digital communication activities worldwide: internet and intranet websites, as well as social media and mobile apps.


In addition to strengthening the Bayer brand and identity, the Bayer Digital Guide provides a concept for structuring content to ensure a consistent approach for users visiting Bayer sites, social media channels or using Bayer apps.

A great deal of time and expense can be saved with standardised design and procedures. And this adds up with thousands of websites, hundreds of social media channels and apps worldwide! In the long run, this is faster, cheaper and more effective, leaving communication and marketing managers free to focus on content while maintaining the highest design standards.


As long as the basic principles are followed, then managers are actively encouraged to try out different ideas in order to communicate with their target audience: adding local color to the global style. Product managers, for example, have as much freedom as they do with their advertising campaigns. And many of the best Bayer sites and apps are the ones that make the most of this opportunity.

More details about the Bayer's branding can be found on the Bayer Identity Net website.

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