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ONE company, ONE brand

The Bayer brand is our company’s most distinctive and valuable intangible asset. For more than 160 years, our brand has stood for competence, quality and trust throughout the world. As we evolve our brand in times of change, we continue our journey towards a more dynamic, outward-oriented, and human brand.


The Bayer Cross has become a unique and world-renowned icon for these values. It represents science, performance and reliability, visualized by the blue side, and innovation, sustainability and life focus, symbolized by the green side. The circle stands for wholeness, protection, and commitment.

Our resilient brand creates value with customers, stakeholders, and society at large

The Bayer brand is the carrier of our reputation. There is a wealth of studies that demonstrate the impact of brand and reputation on corporate success. Desired behaviors, for example the willingness to engage with, purchase, work for or invest in Bayer, are significantly driven by corporate reputation:


The Bayer brand is not just iconic, it is also well known around the globe and drives our positive company reputation. In fact, our products are evaluated 74% more positive when clearly linked to the Bayer brand. In other words: Our global brand also strongly supports our business.



is our average brand awareness.
(Global Brand Tracking 2023)

74 Percent


more positive product evaluation through link to Bayer brand.
(Bayer Reputation Dashboard 2023)

Brand-driven value across divisions and geographies

  • One of the leading brands worldwide

    • #1 most valuable global Crop Science brand1

    • #3 most valuable global Consumer Health brand1

    • #6 most valuable global Pharmaceuticals brand1

  • Safeguards our licence to operate, underscores our reputation and builds trust with key stakeholders

    • 83% aided awareness across top-20 countries2

    • Bayer brand heritage of over 100 years in 85 countries3

    • 77% higher willingness to pay a price premium for a Bayer product4

    • 74% of products rated more positive if Bayer known as manufacturer4

    • 14% reputation advantage against competition2

    • Signals regulatory responsibility and societal commitment

    • Provides orientation and pride for employees

  • Globally unified brand management ensures consistent and symbiotic positioning as well as identity across divisions

Note: 1) Brand Finance Global 500 2023 (5.5bn$), Brand Finance Chemicals 25 2023 (AgriScience Ranking), Brand Finance Healthcare 2023 (Pharma Ranking);
2) Global Brand Tracking 2023, LMU Munich and Dialego on behalf of Bayer;
3) In 1923, Bayer was already active in 58 countries. Many of these countries held regions/colonies at the time which are independent countries today, adding up to a total of 85 countries;
4) Bayer Brand Uplift Study, 2022 for CS and CH and 2023 for PH, LMU Munich and Dialego on behalf of Bayer.

Clarity on the key dimensions of our brand

The Bayer brand model is the foundation of our brand. It defines and shapes who we are – and what we stand for: 

  • Brand (WHAT): Our reputation and value as an innovation company at the intersection of health and nutrition that helps people and the planet thrive 

  • Mission (WHERE): Our aspiration and motivation for everything we do, providing health and nutrition to the world

  • Personality (WHO): Our appearance and expression via visual, verbal, sonic and live experiences 

  • Purpose (WHY): Our foundation and enduring reason to exist

Corporate Brand Film ‘Science for Better’
Brand Film - young girl

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Brand Model

Brand Model

Our mission: Health for all, Hunger for none


Our mission: Health for all, Hunger for none


Our mission boldly sets the direction for what we strive to achieve and is relevant to everyone. We want to contribute to a world where basic human needs such as health and nutrition are met. 

We place our mission at the top of the brand model because:

  • It’s our boldest and most audacious goal.

  • It connects our brand with our business in the fields of health and nutrition.

  • It ties into our sustainability and DE&I strategies.

How to use our mission:

  • This is Bayer’s stated mission – our singular ambition and fundamental agenda in the world; our bold aspiration and thus much more than just a tagline. Our mission must always be communicated in its full form and never split into separate statements, e.g. never use just ‘Health for all’ or ‘Hunger for none’

  • It can be used liberally internally and externally as the mission statement to position Bayer

  • It is always a good idea to provide some context around the mission to be understood

  • Guidance for visual treatment is available 

Our purpose: Science for a better life


Our purpose: Science for a better life


  • This is our enduring purpose as an organization and part of the fabric and heritage of Bayer

  • It is the strategic backbone the mission relies on and focusses on our capabilities in innovation

  • Given the increased emphasis to convey the mission, the use and prominence of the purpose should be dialed down where possible to allow a singular, unmistakable focus on the mission going forward

  • It is not a tagline (as it was until 2018) and does not need a visual treatment


Our personality: Visionary, Passionate, Optimistic


Our personality: Visionary, Passionate, Optimistic


  • These are the attributes of Bayer’s dynamic personality that we strive to bring to life in all our communications and brand experience

  • They set the tonality and creative direction for our visual expression and written communications

  • They can be dialled up or down depending on the need and circumstances, e.g. focus on ‘visionary’ for certain communications highlighting the future potential of Bayer.  

  • We don’t tend to communicate these explicit terms externally

Visionary Acting as a leader and being confident in driving progress.
Optimistic Inspiring positivity: yes, we can create a better tomorrow.
Passionate Where our sense of duty and enthusiasm are combined.


To support mission-centric communications, we encourage you to amplify the visionary attribute in Bayer’s brand expression:

  • We suggest using attractive and eye-catching combinations of the darkest and bright tones from the Bayer palette – this will give a more cutting-edge and dynamic feel; more fitting with the visionary focus we want to project

  • Keep in mind that Bayer is more than just Bayer green and Bayer blue. 

  • Avoid using the midtone colors; they are less bold and do not provide as much contrast and impact

  • Be impactful! Don’t be afraid to be bold and simple with minimal color pairings. Combine with graphic devices for dynamic layouts.

  • Keep it simple per application; don’t go rainbow

  • Be choiceful and considered in the layout; avoid anything that feels busy or complex and confusing

  • We suggest showing one statement per screen – shows confidence and mastery of your content & storytelling 

  • Avoid information or charts overload

  • When art directing the layout, always think about project confidence and clarity of messages

Brand narrative: How it all comes together

At Bayer, we want to make lives better. We believe science is the key as we work towards the goal of our mission “Health for all, Hunger for none”. 


Since our foundation, we’ve built our reputation by delivering on our enduring purpose: “Science for a better life”. We’ve brought essential products and solutions to millions of people around the globe. We’ve become a trusted brand that everyone, everywhere can rely on. Together, we’re helping people and our planet thrive. 


Now, we need to ask ourselves: what can we do more? What if we could create a world where everyone can be healthy? Where no one goes hungry? Where good healthcare and proper, balanced nutrition are available to all? That’s our mission. It’s bold and the most fundamental agenda in the world.


To make it happen, we're putting all our skills to the test. We’ll continue unleashing the power of science to bring innovative and sustainable solutions in the sectors of health and nutrition to create a better future, where life can be lived to the fullest.


We won’t rest until it’s done.